Due to my changing job responsibilities and numerous serious personal issues (I’ve been out of work for a month on medical leave) this blog has run its course… That and one of my coworkers discovered @ the Library, put two and two together and called me out on it. Not to worry she’s very cool and didn’t blow my cover but I always told myself that when a coworker discovers this blog it would be time to quit… And so it is.

I thank all of my readers for spending time here over the years, it has been a lot of fun and extremely cathartic for me. I sincerely hope that you enjoyed my adventures… as painful as the were (and are) for me.

Be well everyone! and Rebecca…

We really should do drinks sometime 😉


~ by Woeful on March 4, 2010.

27 Responses to “Fini”

  1. sorry you have to leave. now who’s going to help me finish all this potato salad? cheers. (fyi, I see visits from my work IP to my blog often, but since no one has said anything, I leave it alone.)

  2. Sorry to see it end and hope all is best in your life.

    My colleagues and I at a public library in CT have enjoyed
    your postings. We often see alot of our own patrons and
    their behaviors in what you have written.


  3. So sad. Be well!

  4. I’ve really enjoyed your blog. Good luck with your future endeavors.

  5. sad :/

  6. I hope things turn out well for you. I’ve had fun reading your blog. -Philo

  7. I’m sad to see you go, Woreful! But perhaps it is for the best–I myself have to keep my thoughts on my local library (I volunteer there to work on my resume–the more time on it, the better the pay!) in my Moleskine notebook.

    Will you still have a Twitter account?

  8. me hates the chilling effect

  9. Sorry to see you leave, but it’s completely understandable. I second the Twitter question…will you still keep a presence there?

  10. Sorry you’re leaving the library blogosphere. At least it was good to be reminded that there was a fellow sufferer. Good luck and hope your future has better things in store.

  11. I’ll miss reading your posts. Take care of yourself, okay?

  12. Best of luck Woe.

  13. Had I known I wielded such mighty power as to bring down an entire blog I might have kept it to myself. Now how about those drinks?

  14. Thanks a lot everyone! Rest assured I’ll still be reading your blogs if I already do either by visiting or via RSS.

    As far as the Twitter thing goes, I’ll see what I can do, so stay tuned to my Twitter page.

    Ha! Rebecca, it’s the power of those high heels baby… The drinks are on the table, let me know when you’re ready and I’ll pour. 😉

  15. I have enjoyed reading your blog, sir. I wish you all the best. Please stay in touch on twitter.

    Good luck in everything you do, Woeful.


  16. Sir? LOL!! My father isn’t even “sir.”

  17. Such sad news. I will miss this blog. I have started to nickname my patrons too. Hope your medical issues get better soon. Cheers!

  18. You will be so very missed!



  20. oh I am very sad about this. Take care love and you know where to find me.

  21. I wish all the best to you! Reading your blog was very insightful for an aspiring librarian.

  22. Thanks again guys I really do appreciate it.

    & Vixxy: If you ever come out to the New York Metro Area… drop me a line. I know you don’t like to loose too much control but that might just be the company…

  23. Hope things go better for you. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog! (but I stopped mine, too since I was laid off from the library).

  24. well, I don’t talk too much about the library on mine…because rumor has it that people have become unemployed for doing that kind of thing…..Besides, not too much happens here….just the regular stuff. So I can not complain, although at times I still do.

  25. Damn Woeful!
    Sorry I’ve been such a negligent blog friend. I came back here to catch up on all your insane tales and proudly inform you that I’ve been a patron of the library as of late last year….btw, it’s only reinforced my disdain for borrowing and not owning as I’ve been fine three times now!

    Anyway, I was hoping to find you on Facebook!

    So does this mean you’ll never write again? At least here?

  26. Woeful, I’ll miss all your stories. Perhaps when you are ready you will re-invent your blog….. Be Well. ❤

  27. I just now discovered this. I shut my blog down too. Not cause of any work problems just cause i was sick of it….. sorry you’re gone!

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