Fire & Urine

Two things have transpired over the last several days, one of these things I witnessed first hand and the other was conveyed to me by a coworker. Several days ago my coworker told me that a patron walked up to him while he was working at Reference and told him that the trash can next to our main entrance was on fire.

Nice! I’m just glad to report that no harm was done to anyone or our building.

Yesterday I noticed an old vagrant fall asleep while sitting near our central stairwell. Normally we wake people up who fall asleep, but in the deep winter we generally cut the homeless some slack… I mean, we’re talking the teens here, in Fahrenheit. Anyway, nearly an hour later the guy woke up and I watched him stagger his way over to the Reference Desk (which he used to steady himself), then along the wall and into the restroom. The entire time I was thinking, “please don’t die.”

Anyway, a few minutes later another coworker came by and alerted me to the fact that “one of our chairs is soaked in urine!” I knew which one it was immediately and then told my colleague all about the staggering man. The Assistant Director came by a while later and moved the chair out of the way… She didn’t think the “Do Not Sit” sign that we crafted was enough.

~ by Woeful on January 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Fire & Urine”

  1. Individual comic semi-related to librarians:

    Also, the main character works in a library

  2. Love the title. Happy New Year!

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