Happy New Year!

This month has been a real bitch for me in every way… And in many ways a fitting end to the decade of suck. May better days lie ahead for us all.

~ by Woeful on December 31, 2009.

11 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Unfortunately, the decade won’t end for another year. However, 2010 will be better. At the very least, you have the Winter Olympics to look forward to. Hockey…luge…figure skating…good times. 🙂

  2. The English seem to have decided on the Naughties or even the Naughty Aughties, to describe this decade. Sounds very English, but too cute for me. I like yours better: the Decade of Suck.
    Cheers and Happy New Year! -Philo

  3. Whoa……woeful…….

    May 2010 be much better for you, Hunny Bunny!

    I have this thing I do…..on a calendar I write down 3-5 things I am grateful for every night before I sleep….it helps to alter my skewed attitude…honestly!

  4. Oh, yeah….that play on words was intentional!

  5. Did you notice that the drift of the snow changes direction as you move the cursor left to right & right to left (but never upwards) around the page?

  6. From your keyboard to God’s screen. Happy New Year Woe.

  7. And a very happy new year to you from the nurse xx

  8. And a happy new year to you, too!

  9. Happy New Year to my favourite librarian blogger!

  10. I also like that phrase, Woeful, the ‘decade of suck’, sounds better and realer than the Zero decade. Happy new year to you!

  11. Happy New Year & God Bless Us Every One!

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