Does Droid?

A post from really got my attention (not an easy thing to do these days). It’s entitled Droid + Barcode App + Google Books . My cellphone contract is just about up and I’ve been considering an iPhone, or a Blackberry, but the fact that the new Droid can scan an ISBN and then do a full-text keyword search within the book is astounding! Indeed, these days (or the days soon to come anyway) it may just be the “killer app” for librarians.

I have a few questions though for anyone in the know. What kind of desktop software is available for Droid and how good is it? One of the reasons that I’ve been putting off switching information appliances is that I have a lot of stuff in my PDA, and I mean a LOT of stuff!! I was an early adopter of PDAs before they became phones and I have everything from the usual address book and such, to passwords and much much more… It’s even my checkbook now (encrypted of course). So anyway, I need to be able to extract ALL of the information currently in my phone, back it all up on my computer, and migrate it over to whatever I wind up with.

Will Droid do this? Anyone, anyone, Bueller, Bueller…

~ by Woeful on December 22, 2009.

8 Responses to “Does Droid?”

  1. I knew that CNET would come through for a quick review! Still, does anyone have any hands-on experience with synching as far as quality and reliability of tools goes?

  2. I use an iPhone that does hat but better. Droid is NOT one phone, IRS clunky, etc…

    Look into Ex Libris, RedLaser, and Stanza for iPhone. I am a Librarian in training.

  3. It depends on the Apps. Go to the iPhone blog. Also, the iPhone backsup automaically, has GPS if uploose it. Etc.

  4. Over at his blog John commented on how there are a plethora of barcode apps for the iPone but their all geared for retail. Because Google has scanned (is scanning?) every book that they find it seems that Droid would have a HUGE advantage regarding full-text searching, no? I’m not looking for a plaything, I want a powerful business tool that isn’t as stuffy as a Blackberry.

  5. As far as syncing contacts, the moto Droid, and really all android phones, rely on your Google contacts. They will automatically sync with whatever you have in ‘My Contacts’ at (although there are options to disable this). Any other files that you had could be dumped onto the SD card (it can show up on your computer like a flash drive when you connect the phone via USB). I’m not sure what program you are currently using for your checkbook, but just from taking a brief look at the marketplace, there seems to be a few options for checkbook management, both paid and free.

  6. Ah, good point. Well, what provider are you with? I use my iPhone as a business tool–And personal tool. I’m working on catalogging my personal collection at home of about 570 books via my iPhone.

    If you have to use Verizon, go with the Droid. If you get an iPhone, it won’t sync with Windows 7. Sorry for the typos. I was falling asleep when I last responded, after seeing a ghost before going to a Brother’s Masonic funeral

  7. Well I don’t know anyone employing Droid and I wish I did. I want to own on of those babies. I do have an iPhone. I jailbroke and unlocked mine therefore I use T-Mobile and have opened it up to a plethora of apps that normally wouldn’t be available. You might not be able to sync the iPhone on windows 7 yet (they probably fixed it by now though) but that shouldn’t stop you from being able to simply SSH, which is my referred method because I have every bit of control of what I want to go where I want from the phone to the computer or vice versa. I’ve never synced my phone through iTunes actually. Anyway, my iPhone is now my wireless router. I only pay 50$ per month for unlimited data/text plan and like 500 mins per month in talk. I no longer pay for home internet because the iPhone’s internet can be tethered wirelessly and networks my other home computers. That’s badass.

  8. Typo=referred ..should be “preferred”

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