Welcome To November

A 20 something woman said “fuck you” to me today from across the Library. She was upset about the wait time for our Internet computers and when a PC unexpectedly opened in the Childrens’ Department she stopped and gave me her idea of a going away present on her way to the open PC.

… Not on your best day baby!


~ by Woeful on November 2, 2009.

10 Responses to “Welcome To November”

  1. Nice. I’ve had it with patrons like this. I feel your pain, as usual.

  2. Me too – I got told to fuck off a couple of weeks ago, because I asked a 20-something guy to leave (for various reasons). And just last week a 14 year old girl called me a fucking slut as she left. We should so get danger money doing this job!

  3. Once some teenager sang a “Fuck You” song to me at the ref desk, it was rather amusing and annoying at the same time.

  4. Dang….we would have been told to leave by our manager. If it happened again, she’d have been banned.

    The last time I was told “You can take library policy & go to hell” a formal complaint was filed against the jerk and since then when he comes in, we refuse to help him…he’s gone away. Should there be another incident, we are calling the Sheriff and he too will be barred from the library.

  5. Some people simply cannot be pleased.

  6. You should not have to put up with this! What is the library’s policy on patrons abusing the staff?

    • It’s hard to enforce policy when someone does something like this on their way out of the building. We never saw her before and I doubt if that we will ever see her again… Which is fine by me.

  7. well can I “fuck you” then?

  8. If I wasn’t already taken Vixen…

  9. Rest assured that those with punk mouths will often meet their match elsewhere and get called on it.

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