Today we found this among many mildewey books that were donated to the Library:



~ by Woeful on October 6, 2009.

11 Responses to “Donation”

  1. […] Original post:  Donation […]

  2. Is that a tract? I think I’ve seen one that looks like that

  3. Indeed it is Michael. That makes it even better, thanks for commenting!

  4. That’s way more interesting than what I have found.
    Although there was that one year that I found $20 bills used as book marks. We put those into library donations, as there was no telling where the $$$/books had come from. No one ever claimed it.

  5. Hi elissestuart! We would probably consider it a donation to the Friends since it was included with the other donations.

  6. What’s it worth now?

  7. Not the paper it’s printed on.

  8. This totally makes me think of Dr. Evil from Austin Powers saying, “one mee-lee-on dollars!” :X

  9. Hiya Xandara, LOL!

  10. Someone’s telling you to vote Republican.

  11. Not the paper it’s printed on.

    You got that right! Hey :~)

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