I Went To Grad School For This…

Today was going along at a really mellow pace, and then all hell broke loose around 12:30. At the same time I’m helping an Irregular print out instructions on how to beat a drug test, his computer decides it will no longer connect to the network printer. Coinciding with this was the copy machine guy who decided to drop by, and the guy from 3M as well who just happened to pop in. They both needed to talk to me about various aspects of our haywire technology.

Ultimately I had to print the guy’s information from the Reference Desk. Our Library Science Student Intern looked on in horror as the man went into great detail about his urinalysis, and serious prostate problems and how he was catheterized for an extended time, etc… while his document on how to beat the piss test was printing.  Needless to say, this was WAY too much info!

Yes Virginia, this is just another day @ the Library.

~ by Woeful on September 28, 2009.

7 Responses to “I Went To Grad School For This…”

  1. sounds like most days….Eeyore would likely concur.

  2. Mercury is retrograde until: September 29, 2009, 9:14 am EDT/6:14 am PDT.

    So things are going to be a bit more bass-ackward than usual. Well, hey, that’s today!

  3. Jeez loueez… I try to draw the line on hearing about library user’s …ahem…customers’ health problems. It does work sometimes.

  4. And to think–the next full moon isn’t until October 4th!

  5. Thanks for commenting JimmyTheGreek!

    I’ll keep Mercury in mind Auntie Nanuuq. My coworker got a big kick out of the “bass-ackward” comment, BTW.

    Users! LMAO!! Nice Angsty.

    The full moon cometh, although I can’t imagine it being any freakier than it has been Teri.

  6. All that pot smoking was to soothe the pain of his prostrate, right?

  7. As an aspiring librarian, I fear how many times I will wonder the same…

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