Hellish Was My Day

OK folks, for reasons best know to me (inside joke here), my day was about as bad as they come. Nothing like trying to do two and a half people’s jobs all by yourself. The morning went by exceedingly well, too well and I should have know that that wasn’t going to last…

When I got back from lunch it was an entirely different scene. It was extremely busy but also teeming with freaks. Special Ed was hunkered down for the duration slurring any staff member’s names that he could to get attention… And he needed a lot of attention.

In addition to this, I’ was trying to help this Goliath of a man edit his resume. Sadly, his resume was created in Word 2007 and he wasn’t on a computer that could handle that. Just then an Indian couple sat down at a machine that has the version of Word that Goliath needs so I ask them if they would mind switching PCs, to which the guy responds, “I need 2007 as well.”


But they tell me that they shouldn’t be long, that they just need to print out a document and then Goliath can have the computer that they’re on. Fine. So I take Goliath’s card back and make another reservation for him on that other machine. Crisis averted, or so I thought… Not 10 minutes later the Indian woman comes to get me because “nothing” is working. OK then, so I walk over with her to find the guy back at the Ctrl+Alt+Del screen. I put in the password and when the machine came back up low and behold they had no more reservation.

[sometimes I pray for death]

I put my hand up to my forehead and stand there in silence for a few seconds, then say, “Alright! Goliath I need your card back, and I’m also going to need your card back as well to make new reservations all over again, which I did. Then I walked over to the Indian couple just to make sure everything was going well and this time they had no problems getting on to the PC or printing out their document. After being peppered with questions from the Indian man he finally understood that, “No we don’t have double sided printing or a printer that will staple your pages together.” Jeesh! They’re just lucky we have Internet access at all at this time in this budgetary situation.

Speaking of which just prior to this situation I was involved in a reference transaction where this woman played, “Let’s see how many things I can hit the librarian with before he comes up empty.” I hate this game. It involves a patron who has no fewer than 20 questions and the object of the game is to rapidly fire these off until one of them cannot be answered for whatever reason (maybe it’s legal, or medical, or maybe it’s a book just too new to purchase). Anyway, this lady asked me for about a dozen books all of which we owned but were located in different sections of the Library including Childrens’. Many of these books has “Christmas” in the title and this soured the pot all the more for me as I don’t even want to think about Christmas for another two months. Finally she asked me for a title that we didn’t own and couldn’t get since it hasn’t been released yet.

Quite an afternoon!


~ by Woeful on September 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “Hellish Was My Day”

  1. I’ve had many of those days as of late…I commiserate with you. Once mercury retrograde has passed…maybe things will get back to “normal”….

  2. Hmmm… Reading your post makes me question my idea of pursuing my MLS… haha.

  3. Hello Bibliotecher! Welcome to the asylum… Know this, librarianship is no different than any other profession. It’s a job. Yeah, it’s a career, but it is a job and as such it has both good and bad aspects (what doesn’t?). Anyway, I encourage you to keep at it, we need all the normality that we can get.

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