Universal Healthcare

I really didn’t think I would have to write a post about the importance of healthcare reform yet here I am. Nearly a year ago I voted for Obama because the McPain alternative was totally unacceptable to me and I wasn’t about to let that happen. The primary reason that Obama secured my vote over Clinton was his healthcare plan. Now, because of wildly hyperbolic Republican lies, and private healthcare funded theatrics at town hall meetings across the Country here I sit typing away with the hope of persuading people who know the difference between crazy talk and actual factual data.

I’m going to link to some articles, that illustrate why “public healthcare” is the best option. And I’m going to ask you to write to your Congressperson and tell them to support the public option. You can reach your Senators by going to this link. You can reach your Representatives by going here. Many of them, if not all, can be contacted via web form these days, so I urge you to write and explain why you would like them to support a healthcare bill that has a public healthcare option attached to it before the very narrow window of opportunity at hand closes forever. These are serious people, so when you write to these people, be courteous and sincere if you want them to take you seriously and oblige.

First off, United States citizens pay the most for healthcare in the world (if we can get it at all), yet we rank 37th out of 191 countries for the quality of care that we receive. This is appalling! Also note that there are about 46 million people currently in the United States who are uninsured, and another 13 million are projected to become uninsured by 2010 if the National unemployment rate hits 10% by the end of the year as it is expected to. This is unacceptable.

Those are the cold hard facts. That said universal healthcare is a moral imperative. There are other higher ideals to consider. Now, I’m not a bible thumper. But I do think that Jesus had the right idea. Without peace and love and forgiveness we aren’t going to make it. A lot of people out there ask what Jesus would do, and use Christ when he suits their agendas. However, in the case of healthcare Jesus himself tells us exactly what to do in Matthew 25: 31-46, the meat of which is this: “whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”

Simply put, the “public option” is the right thing to do, just as we do with the fire department, with basic education, and with our police force… Can anyone imagine a private municipal police force? I can, they’re called Blackwater, and we currently have the same system in place regarding healthcare. This system is evil and needs to be changed and you have the power to do it. Let your Congresspeople know how you feel right now about the “public option” and right this horrible wrong that grows more insidious each and every day.

Our current private healthcare system is unsustainable and is very near hitting the proverbial wall already… Once it gets to that point it’s going to be similar to the situation that we’re currently experiencing regarding the banking industry right now so I implore you… DO NOT WAIT!! Because when this happens it won’t be banks hesitant to lend to one another, it will be your insurance company (if you’re lucky enough to have one of these leeches) hesitant to provide you some necessary treatment that might have a good chance of saving your life.

Seriously people, if a public healthcare option doesn’t pass right now we are seriously screwed! BTW, I am not writing this because I have anything to gain (at least in the short term). As a public librarian I already have the “public” option… I just want all of you guys to get a piece of the pie.

If the Democrats cannot secure enough votes in the Senate to guarantee the bill’s passage, I think this to be a serious enough issue for them to drop the legislative atomic bomb that they have at their disposal. Namely, “reconciliation.” Reconciliation is an obscure Senatorial tactic that requires only a simple majority (51) to pass a bill. The absurdity of this is that a simple majority is all that is required according to our Constitution. However, over the last several years the GOP has used another formerly seldom used tactic called a filibuster to force 60 vote majorities on nearly every bill that comes up for a vote. 60 is the new 51!

The Democrats do not want to have to resort to this as it will be viewed as an underhanded tactic by the GOP, which is actually quite the absurdity since the GOP thinks it can do whatever it wants to (like change 51 to 60), and apparently can since nobody every strenuously objects to their shenanigans.

It’s time to go nuclear! This is THE moment of our lifetime… When the American people see how good the “public option” regarding healthcare actually is, they will be indebted to every Democrat in Congress for generations. Again, contact your Senators and Representatives right now. You, your children, your grandchildren, and all the generations of Americans to follow are worth the effort. Here is your chance to be a real hero!


~ by Woeful on August 23, 2009.

9 Responses to “Universal Healthcare”

  1. I emailed them all. Fat lot of good it will do (although I hope I’m SO wrong).

  2. Good luck with this

  3. Thank you for this entry. I’m writing emails on the other tab. Also, continue to get well!

  4. I have to agree with kellie. As much as I can contact my legislators, it will indeed a fat lot of good (if any). Sad thing is we can have all the facts and evidence to show why we need the public option, and need it now. We can even have the horror stories of people screwed by the current system. But all it takes is some crazy talk, the fact that Congress (and Obama, like any other politician) are bought and sold already by the insurance lobbyists, and there goes the public option promised by the President. The whole thing is disgusting to say the least, and as much as I hope I am wrong, I am not expecting anything good to come out of it. My only regret is I can’t move to a country where they actually treat health care like the universal human right it is.

    You certainly have more drive than I. I can’t bring myself to blog about it no matter how bad it gets. Because, after a while, if people are too stupid to see the difference between the facts (and their best interest), and the bullshit, maybe they deserve what they get. I want to keep the faith, but this is just one big (already determined) clusterf**k.

  5. Great article!!! This will also be posted to my blog and as always you will be given full credit. As an aside, you do have a link on my blog, because I happen to believe that people who read & enjoy mine, will also enjoy yours!

    Keep up the Great writing & good work!

  6. Hi Kellie… That’s what you do, you try. That’s all we can do.

    I’m not dead yet Nursemyra… LOL! Thanks for the encouragement!

    Hello Amanda: I’m doing much better thank you. I’ll be better when this horrendous summer ends (normally I never want it to end). It has been insanely busy and moist live I’ve never seen…

    Thanks foe commenting Angel. This post was not easy for me to muster. I’m not entirely well (although I do have the public option), and we’ve been slammed with work like crazy. Hang in there.

    Auntie Nanuuq… What can I say? Thanks and be well!

  7. I absolutely agree…and you (and your readers), might want to check this out:

  8. Good post Woe. And to people losing faith, stay frosty, do not give up yet. We put Obama in office. That was a big fight against a lot of bigotry and lies and that one we won. Maybe we can win this one. Maybe we cannot. But do not give up before the fight is over. If you quit before the fight is over, you have already lost.

  9. Maybe I just ‘don’t get it’ and maybe I never will. As a Canadian having experienced our medical system and having had positive experiences, I just don’t understand why the American government would say no to it. The insurance companies will lose money? Is that the biggest fear? If all those people lose their jobs they won’t be spending their money on insurance. Change is hard for people – my fear is that the Canadian system will become more and more privatized!

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