My friends  (LOL!) I know I’ve been neglecting you. But not for no good reason. I have had a death in the family that has effected me tremendously. On top of that I was injured (on the job) and am still recovering from it. Although I vaguely wish that I was injured disarming a knife wielding junkie, I can’t commit to that. But it was in the line duty. Sometimes I think we should get hazard pay…

Anyway, today something happened that is far too good to pass up. Late in the day people were booking Internet reservations and we are booked solid this time of year. So, the soonest available reservation was for about 15min. out 4:45PM. When my colleague booked it for a woman (not a teen), and she immediately responded. “Is that when the big hand gets to the nine?”

[blink   –   gag]

Needless to say, with 15mins. left in my day this completely took the wind out of my sails. I mean, come on now, you seriously don’t know how to tell analogue time? We really are doomed! Yet somehow I still, with every fiber of my being, am trying to secure this woman universal healthcare. Am I just dumb? Has working with the homeless, and the unemployed on a daily basis made me a lost cause? I think not!

We need a “public option” people! Some of our brothers and sisters really do need the help, and they are NOT trying to scam the system… They just need it.

Anyway, I am TOTALLY PISSED about the lies being told about healthcare right now by the supporters of the GOP. It is absolutely shameful! If you want to check the facts, go to a non-partisan site called FactCheck.org and they will fill you in! Please go right now and even call or email your Senator! This is serious stuff that is important. It really does make a difference and will have a lasting impact on your family for decades to come… PLEASE! This is no joke, do it right now.


~ by Woeful on August 20, 2009.

6 Responses to “4:45”

  1. I’m absolutely in agreement with you on public healthcare.
    Every “first world” or “industrialized” or whatever the current term for it is, nation in the world has socialized medicine but this one. It is NOT the end of the world.
    There aren’t going to be death panels rationing health care for the elderly, having government-run health care would not prevent you from purchasing private insurance.
    For those who don’t want the government in your health care, I say – I don’t want insurance companies in mine!
    For those who think a public option would result in health care “rationing” – I say, “WAKE UP” – health care is being rationed NOW – it’s just available to those who can afford it.
    My dad recently helped out a neighbor dying of cancer – a doctor seeing him admitted he wasn’t getting good care because he didn’t have insurance (or didn’t have good insurance, not sure which) – and the doc said “It’s the American way” – THAT IS WRONG. And the only fair, humane way to address that is to take the private FOR-PROFIT companies out of health care in this country.

  2. The other day at my library I had to explain to a customer which direction was left. I kept saying, “To your left,” and she kept moving to the… right. So yeah. The idea of someone not knowing how to tell time doesn’t seem that far-fetched to me.

  3. Sorry to hear about your bad news. Hang in there…

    I’m never surprised by anything the public turn out not to know. Especially when some of my colleagues are equally ignorant.

    The GOP’s attacks on the NHS have not gone down well on this side of the pond. (Warning: English understatement alert!)

  4. A sweetie…I’m sorry for your loss. I for one have missed your dry wit!

    As for not being able to tell time…. I am dyslexic and since I was a child I have not been able to tell analogue time…. I just can not always tell the difference between the minutes makings between the numbers. Sad but true!

    I do not wear a watch and all of the clocks I have use numerals in an LED read out. It’s the only way I know what time it is.

    But anyways welcome back!

  5. I’m glad you’re not too hurt, otherwise you might end up having to go in front of a death panel. I hope there is an airlock option. That’s how I want to go.

  6. Hello Iris: Honey… Talk to me if you need to. I’m here for you, email me. I know you have my email address through my comments on your blog. Do it. I would be honored if you did, I’m here for you.

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