Tony was is rare form today. I glanced in while he was in the Reference Office clipping coupons and saw him reclined with his feet up on the head reference librarian’s chair. Needless to write, I totally lost it and the head of reference was back there with him working on ILLs and saw me loose it so she totally lost it. While this was going on The Assistant Director was standing next to me talking with the Media Librarian at the Reference Desk. When she noticed me loose my shit she turned to see what the deal was and immediately lost her shit as well. LMAO!

Ah Tony… It was so over the top inappropriate that it was truly hysterical. Later on the head of reference told me that he kicked back like that and then immediately said to her, “So, how was your weekend?” Keep in mind that Tony hardly strikes up conversations with anyone about anything.

So anyway, later on the Assistant Director gives Tony the task of putting .10 cent stamps on a mass mailing that was set to go out that already had .34 cent stamps on the envelopes in order to make up to difference, only some asshat gave Tony .44 cent stamps as well and Tony ended up putting those on the enveloped instead of the .10 cent ones… Bawhahaa!!

As Tony was leaving the head of reference passed by him and Tony said, “I’m glad to be going, I had a terrible day,” then told her about his stamp fiasco.


~ by Woeful on July 29, 2009.

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