For everything there is a first time. Yesterday was the first time that we ever got a call from a pharmacy. The pharmacist asked us to fax over information about chlamydia for a young woman who was waiting there. The coworker who received the call had to ask me how we handle such transactions. I told her to fax it ASAP once I found a suitable entry on the topic in a medical encyclopedia. The first one that I found was too short but had a really nice close-up of an infected schlong. After seeing it I was like, “Next!” Then I found the perfect entry in another book that I had my coworker copy and fax for the woman.

… All in a days work.


~ by Woeful on July 2, 2009.

19 Responses to “Chlamydia”

  1. the librarians service is never done.

  2. Nope. That said, there are plenty of worse things to catch. Thanks for commenting Vixen! 😉

  3. You know, my pharmacy has an online health encyclopedia as part of its website. I’ve printed info off of that website for patrons. I would have been tempted to print off the chlamydia info and fax it to them, if they ever called with that request! 🙂

    But today we just had a disabled man pee on one of our extremely expensive, upholstered chairs.

  4. Hi PL. I was thinking the same thing myself, but they could have been having line issues or server issues or, on and on and on…

  5. As a clerk I never get to tell stories like that. However I was there one day when a guy whom looked like he was straight out of A Clockwork Orange used his prescription medicine as proof of address. (Well, the bottle obviously.)

  6. Let me guess… a Zyprexa script?

  7. LOL Not sure. I was just there, someone else did the card. However it was all I could do not to call him “My droog.”

  8. wow! they print addresses on the labels on medicine bottles in the US? that’s weird

  9. Not that I’ve seen Nursemyra… Just patient name, doctor name, and script number along with usage instructions.

  10. This one had it. That’s how it could be used as proof of address. I think some of mine have it too. Like my stomach medicine.

  11. I dunno about you guys…..

    proof of address/ I think not, we want two pieces that have come via the mail…and a photo I.D.

  12. We only require a piece of mail with a local address on it… That said, that’s all my State requires for a driver’s license too, LMAO!

  13. For us if it’s on your photo ID that’s fine. Otherwise we need something like a bill, a piece of mail, anything offical like that. Of course you can even just mail yourself a post card. I’ve had people get the internet only, go to the computers, print off their online bills, and use those to upgrade thier cards. The prescription bottle was offical and had an address on it, so it was used as proof.

  14. “Then I found the perfect entry”

    More like a diseased entry.

  15. A library once accepted my resume as proof of address. I was so grateful because then I could sign out a book that day, and not have to wait and come back. That was a great library.

  16. Hi SG. The original discovery was a “shower” with a HUGE pustule running from his sac down his thigh… I didn’t even think that could happen with this most common of all VD!

    Thanks for commenting Carol! Most libraries want to be as friendly as possible. Sadly, Human nature runs amok and takes advantage of this trait…

  17. The pharmacist sounds like a sadist. Imagine standing in a pharmacy with a long line behind you, while the guy shouted down the phone to a a public library. “Chlamydia. That’s right I said CHLAMYDIA!”
    The girl was probably his ex-girlfriend or something.

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