The Top 25 Most Played

This meme is for that cool librarian from Indianapolis, Blank Jane. Here are the top 25 songs in my iTunes:

1) Pain (Slayer Mix) – Four Star Mary

2) Bohemian Like You – The Dandy Warhols

3) The Wand – The Flaming Lips

4) Sound Of The Revolution – Lunatic Calm

5) Psalm for the Elks Lodge Last Call – The Weakerthans

6) Little Red Light – Fountains Of Wayne

7) Too Young – Phoenix

8 ) Son Of A Preacher Man – Springfield, Dusty

9) In The Waiting Line –  Zero 7

10) Stray Paper – Merritt, Tift

11) Wonderwall – Adams, Ryan

12) Virgin State Of Mind – K’s Choice

13) Nearly Lost You – Screaming Trees

14) Wish You Were Here – Adams, Ryan

15) If You Knew –  Case, Neko

16) Just Like Honey – The Jesus & Mary Chain

17) Caring Is Creepy – The Shins

18) Dry The Rain – The Beta Band

19) Paranoid – Black Sabbath

20) There’s No Other Way – Blur

21) Stars of Our Stars – Cowboy Junkies

22) Long Tall Sally – Little Richard

23) Silence – Gomez

24) Common People – Shatner, William

25) Split Needles [Alt. Version] – The Shins

I’m not going to tag anyone here, but if you want to participate feel free. Those who do, Lucky You. 😉


~ by Woeful on June 29, 2009.

18 Responses to “The Top 25 Most Played”

  1. And the only named I recognize are William Shatner and Little Richard.

    How do you check that anyway? I know how to on my iTubes on my computer, but not on my iPod.

  2. I don’t suppose there’s any way to get the count on what is played on the iPod itself? My list on my work PC isn’t very deep on variety. :”> I figure maybe that’s because I have certain songs that help me make it through the day. 🙂

  3. here is the current folder in winamp on mt pc:
    1. Tenacious D – 05 – Tribute.mp3 (5:27)
    2. Indigo Girls – Track 44 – Ani Difranco 32 Fla (5:53)
    3. Ani Difranco – untouchable face (4:22)
    4. Beth Orton – [Unknown #1] (3:53)
    5. Beth Orton w M Ward – [Unknown #2] (3:50)
    6. Beth Orton w M Ward – [Unknown #3] (3:48)
    7. Beth Orton w M Ward – [Unknown #4] (3:58)
    8. Beth Orton w M Ward – [Unknown #5] (3:52)
    9. human-Pretenders-.mp3
    10. The Buzzcocks – Ever Fallen In Love-Various Artists.mp3
    11. 02-AniDifranco-GardenOfSimple.mp3
    12. 13 – Ani Difranco – School Night.mp3
    13. A Perfect Circle – Judith-Various Artists.mp3
    14. Androgyny-Garbage.mp3
    15. Bad Religion – Whisper In Time-Various Artists.mp3
    16. Beautiful Garbage – Shut Your Mouth Wish We Were Like You Mix.mp3
    17. Boomtown Rats – Mary of the 4Th Form.mp3
    18. Boomtown Rats – Rat Trap.mp3
    19. Boomtown Rats – She’s So Modern.mp3
    20. Boys Don’t Cry-The Cure.mp3
    21. Brak – I Like Hubcaps-Various Artists.mp3
    22. Breaking Up the Girl-Garbage.mp3
    23. Bush Tetras – Mister Love Song-CMJ New Music Monthly.mp3
    24. Dire Straits – Skateaway.mp3
    25. Dire Straits – Solid rock.mp3
    26. English Beat – I Confess.mp3
    27. English Beat – Mirror In The Bathroom.mp3
    28. English Beat – Save It For Later.mp3
    29. Four Tops – Ain’t No Woman (Like The One I’ve Got) [Album Version].mp3
    30. Four Tops – Are You Man Enough.mp3
    31. Four Tops – I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch).mp3
    32. Four Tops – Standing In The Shadows Of Love.mp3
    33. Hunters & Collectors – Talking To A Stranger.mp3
    34. L7 – Pretend We’re Dead-Various Artists.mp3
    35. Marvin Gaye – I Heard It Through The Grapevine.mp3
    36. Marvin Gaye – I Want You.mp3
    37. Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On.mp3
    38. Marvin Gaye – Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology).mp3
    39. Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On.mp3
    40. Mighty Mighty Bosstones – The Impression That I Get.mp3
    41. Mundy – To You I Bestow-CMJ New Music Monthly.mp3
    42. MXPX – Move To Bremerton-CMJ New Music Monthly.mp3
    43. One Step Beyond-Madness.mp3
    44. Our House-Madness.mp3
    45. Pitchshifter – Condescension-Various Artists.mp3
    46. Pretenders – Precious (live Glastonbury Festival 1994).mp3
    47. Primary-The Cure.mp3
    48. Push It-Garbage.mp3
    49. Rhiannon-Fleetwood Mac.mp3
    50. Romeo Void – Never Say Never.mp3
    51. September 67 – Busy Building-CMJ New Music Monthly.mp3
    52. Seven Wonders-Fleetwood Mac.mp3
    53. Shut Your Mouth-Garbage.mp3
    54. Silence is Golden-Garbage.mp3
    55. Siouxsie & The Banshees – Cities In Dust.mp3
    56. Siouxsie & The Banshees – Kiss Them For Me.mp3
    57. Siouxsie & The Banshees – Peek-A-Boo.mp3
    58. Siouxsie & The Banshees – The Killing Jar.mp3
    59. Siouxsie & The Banshees – The Passenger.mp3
    60. Smashing Pumpkins – cherub rock.mp3
    61. Smashing Pumpkins – disarm.mp3
    62. Smashing Pumpkins – spaceboy.mp3
    63. Smashing Pumpkins – today.mp3
    64. Special-Garbage.mp3
    65. Step Kings – Right Is Wrong-Various Artists.mp3
    66. Steve Earle – Transcendental Blues-Various Artists.mp3
    67. Sugarcubes – Hetero Scum.mp3
    68. Sugarcubes – Hit.mp3
    69. Sugarcubes – Lucky Night.mp3
    70. Sugarcubes – Vitamin.mp3
    71. Sugarcubes – Walkabout.mp3
    72. Temptation Waits-Garbage.mp3
    73. The Love Cats-The Cure.mp3
    74. The Notwist – Torture Day-CMJ New Music Monthly.mp3
    75. The Waitresses – I Know What Boys Like.mp3
    76. Wire Train – Chamber Of Hellos.mp3
    77. XTC – Dear God.mp3
    78. XTC – King For A Day.mp3
    79. XTC – No Thugs In Our House.mp3
    80. XTC – Respectable Street.mp3
    81. XTC – Senses Working Overtime.mp3
    82. XTC – The Mayor Of Simpleton.mp3
    83. Ani Difranco – Little Plastic Castle-Various.mp3
    84. Ben Folds Five – Smoke (Live)-Various.mp3
    85. Bond – Starbucked-Various.mp3
    86. Burning Down the House-Talking Heads.mp3
    87. Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)-Garbage.mp3
    88. Close To Me-The Cure.mp3
    89. Course of Empire – The Information-Various.mp3
    90. Patti Smith Group- dancing barefoot.mp3
    91. Dreams-Fleetwood Mac.mp3
    92. Dusty Trails – Roll The Dice-Various Artists.mp3
    93. Fretblanket – Into The Ocean-Various.mp3
    94. Gerald Collier – Whored Out Again-Various.mp3
    95. HITS Post Modern Syndrome – (10)’Your Woman’ — White Town.mp3
    96. HITS Post Modern Syndrome – (11)’Something’s Got Me’ — Lori Carson.mp3
    97. In-Between Days-The Cure.mp3
    98. Jayhawks – I’m Gonna Make You Love Me-Various Artists.mp3
    99. Damned- Jet Boy, Jet Girl.MP3
    100. Jumping Someone Else’s Train-The Cure.mp3
    101. Lazlo Bane – Buttercup-CMJ New Music Monthly.mp3
    102. Let’s Go To Bed-The Cure.mp3
    103. Man With The Money-Fabulous Poodles.mp3
    104. Mekons – Last Night On Earth-Various Artists.mp3
    105. Memories Can’t Wait-Talking Heads.mp3
    106. Mirror Star-Fabulous Poodles.mp3
    107. Murderdolls – Twist My Sister-Various.mp3
    108. Muse – In Your World-Various.mp3
    109. New Found Glory – The Story So Far-Various.mp3
    110. Nile – Wind Of Horus-Various.mp3
    111. Once in a Lifetime-Talking Heads.mp3
    112. P.O.D. – Alive-Various.mp3
    113. Post Modern S – (2)’On The Way Out’ — Freedy Johnston.mp3
    114. Post Modern S – (3)’Song #2′ — Blur.mp3
    115. Post Modern S – (9)’I Don’t Want To Get Bitter’ — Jill Sobule.mp3
    116. Post Modern S – (12)’Under Your Skin’ — Luscious Jackson.mp3
    117. Post Modern S – ‘Battle of Who Could Care Less’ — Ben Folds Five.mp3
    118. Psycho Killer-Talking Heads.mp3
    119. Silverchair – The Greatest View-Various.mp3
    120. Sixteen Horsepower – For Heaven’s Sake-Various.mp3
    121. Stone Sour – Blotter-Various.mp3
    122. Take Me to the River-Talking Heads.mp3
    123. Taproot – Poem-Various.mp3
    124. The D4 – Get Loose-Various.mp3
    125. The Datsuns – In Love-Various.mp3
    126. The Transplants – Tall Cans In The Air-Various.mp3

  4. Hmm. I don’t have iTunes, but I use and can see my top 25 songs there. I usually listen to full albums, though, so my top 25 songs are all from two albums: Green Day’s American Idiot and AFI’s decemberunderground.

  5. Rather embarrassing since my music tastes are kinda pedestrian, but here goes:

    1. I Hate your Fuckin’ Guts – The Queers (good for blasting at neighbors i hate)
    2. Corcovado – Everything But the Girl
    3. Runaway – Del Shannon
    4. La foule (the Crowd) – Edith Piaf
    5. Walk Don’t Run – The Ventures
    6. Bang a Gong – TRex
    7. Ready or Not – The Fugees
    8. Glass Ceiling – Metric
    9. Cruel to Be Kind – Nick Lowe
    10. I wonder Where our Love has gone – Billie Holiday
    11. Listen Up! – The Gossip
    12. Gidget Goes to Hell – Suburban Lawns
    13. Volver – Carlos Gardel
    14. Boum – Charles Trenet
    15. Save It for Later- English Beat
    16. Ain’t no Use – Big Maybelle
    17. Too Many Creeps – Bush Tetras
    18. Uncontrollable Urge – Devo
    19. I’m Afraid of Americans – David Bowie w/Sonic Youth (live)
    20. Tainted Love – Gloria Jones
    21. Panis e Circenses – Os Mutantes
    22. Requiem pour un Con – Serge Gainsbourg
    23. Entertain – Sleater Kinney
    24. CARDS – Plastics
    25. Mind your own Business – Delta 5

  6. Dang! What is wrong with me? From the first list I’ve only ever heard of Dusty Springfield and Little Richard!


  7. Two good artists Jami.

    I don’t think there is a way to get at those songs in the iPod itself Lemurtx… Anyone else with more knowledge have any ideas?

    That’s a pretty eclectic list Effing. I like pretty much all kinds of music too. In fact, as a follow up comment I’ll generate my top 125. I just have to alter the smart playlist to do so… Stay tuned!

    I like Green Day, and “American Idiot” PL!

    I don’t think including both Devo and the Ventures is pedestrian at all Angsty. Cool!

    Hi there Auntie Nanuuq. I love Little Richard!

  8. Here’s my top played 125:

    Pain (Slayer Mix)
    Bohemian Like You
    The Wand
    Sound Of The Revolution
    Psalm for the Elks Lodge Last Call
    Little Red Light
    Too Young
    Son Of A Preacher Man
    In The Waiting Line
    Stray Paper
    Virgin State Of Mind
    Nearly Lost You
    Wish You Were Here
    If You Knew
    Just Like Honey
    Caring Is Creepy
    Dry The Rain
    There’s No Other Way
    Stars of Our Stars
    Long Tall Sally
    Common People
    Split Needles [Alt. Version]
    Life Less Ordinary
    Train in Vain (Stand by Me)
    The World I Know
    Sweet Jane
    Six Days On The Road
    Jailhouse Rock
    Johnny B. Goode
    Self Esteem
    Everybody Knows
    Personal Jesus
    Breathe (2 AM)
    Dig, Lazarus, Dig
    Honky Tonk Women
    Lebanese Blonde
    Celebrity Skin
    Just Dropped In (To See What Conditio…
    Lightning Crashes
    How Am I Different
    Wraith Pinned To The Mist and Other G…
    Wave Of Mutilation
    Suspicious Minds
    (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
    Title And Registration
    Dancing With Myself
    Closing Time
    You Shook Me All Night Long
    Let Go
    Rave On
    Walk Through This World With Me
    Wooden Home
    Pass The Dutchie
    Orange Crush
    Karma Police
    Polythene Pam – She Came In Through …
    Bad Reputation
    That Smell
    My Love [Radio Remix]
    Mysterious Ways
    Everlong (Acoustic)
    Show Me
    Spanish Harlem
    Here Comes Your Man
    Every Breath You Take
    Take The Money And Run
    Trouble Me
    All I Want Is You
    Couldn’t Get It Right (Radio Mix)
    Blood and Peanut Butter
    Tiny Vessels
    What Is Love
    You May Be Right
    Prayer Of Saint Francis
    Street Fighting Man
    Hotel Song
    Hello Walls
    Don’t Lie
    Breakfast At Tiffany’s
    First Instance Last Report
    Misty Mountain Hop
    Rock And Roll
    Need One
    Life On A Chain
    Rebellion (Lies)
    Green Eyes
    Lyin’ Eyes
    Sugar, We’re Going Down
    Walking After You
    Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
    Black Dog
    When The Levee Breaks
    The Ocean
    We Both Go Down Together [live]
    Poor Little Fool
    Jumpin’ Jack Flash
    Total Eclipse Of The Heart
    Drank Like A River
    The Wanderer
    Rama Lama Ding Dong
    Nothing But You
    That’ll Be The Day
    Your Body is a Wonderland
    Smells Like Teen Spirit

  9. The Screaming Trees–Awesome, my friend, simply awesome 🙂

  10. Ditto for the screaming trees. you have good taste my man

  11. Thanks Frumpiefox and Nursemyra! The “Singles” soundtrack kicks ass.

  12. Sah-weet. I dig your taste in music.

  13. Welcome, and thanks Hayley! 😉

  14. Stupid me, I didn’t “see” that it said iTunes, not iPod. I went and did it myself over on my WordPress account. (I don’t think my user name links to this but rather to my singing website.) However I did my top 35 – and even then it’s not accurate because ever since I got my iPod I don’t listen to music through iTunes anymore. If there was a way to see “most played” on iPod it would be very different from my list.

    Also I did 35, not 25, just cause I wanted to. *blows raspberry*

  15. Impressed that Woeful has a taste for metal.

  16. I love Zeppelin, and Sabbath, and Ozzy. I love good music!

  17. Nice taste!
    Especially “Common People” by William Shatner!
    I’ll have to check out the number one song. I haven’t heard it!

    • A lot of these songs are off of soundtracks. I love the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” music (sounds weird but it’s all great!) . Also, “Garden State,” and “Lost in Translation!” Just to bring it back home to Nippon!!

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