Chris Has a Story…

The other night I was IMing with him and he conveyed this doozy of a Circulation story that is simply too choice not to share. So here it is in Chris‘ words copied directly from the IM window:

This older woman — with blonde hair (not sure why that was) — came up to the desk two days ago. She was wearing a dark suit, and a tie, and she had on a black conductor’s hat. I wasn’t sure if she was just making a fashion statement or what. Anyways, she comes up to the desk and hands me her card, because she wants to check two books out. So I scan her card, and let her know that she has $1.10 in fines. I asked her if she wanted to pay it now, or wait until next time. She said OF COURSE she would pay it now.

So, I pretended to keep myself busy while she got her money ready. WELL, I looked away for a second, and when I looked back, she had her black boot on top of the desk, and she was digging through it. She eventually pulled out a dollar and a dime, and said that she was all set. She put her shoe back on while I put the fine away. Then, I checked out her books and handed her her library card, which she proceeded to put in her other boot. She walked away, and I immediately started purell-ing. IMMEDIATELY. lol

Chris is obviously worth his weight in blog fodder… PRICELESS!


~ by Woeful on June 27, 2009.

9 Responses to “Chris Has a Story…”

  1. Boots aren’t so bad. I once had a guy hand me soggy bills he pulled out of his underwear.

    Yes, his underwear. He pulled both the waistband of his shorts and then his boxers away from his belly, reached down, and handed me some lovely sweat-soaked bills.

    Thank God for purell and lysol!

  2. Nothing like being handed a sticky card with an unidentifiable substance! Regarding the stash from down below – I say let the fine ride!

  3. I say let it ride too…

  4. Well no offense to Chris but a blonde woman digging cash out of a boot is just not going to compare with Fruitloop and Space Ace he has a ways to go.

  5. Yeah, but it’s a pretty impressive run for his first 10 days.

  6. I used to keep my money in my shoes during high school. Much easier than keeping a purse when you had no pockets. But the underwear comment, that is just too much.

  7. Lisa, Chris or another guy might not mind if you pulled some cash out of your shoe or wherever… But you aren’t our average patron. 😉

  8. In the past I’ve had a couple damp sneaker bills and one warm boob quarter. I know no one carries their wallet anymore, but what happened to pockets?

  9. Shushie – That’s the thing with my guy, his shorts HAD pockets and he STILL kept his money in his UNDERWEAR! *shudders*

    I suppose he thought no one would steal it from there but still – ug!

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