Froot Loop Has Arrived

One of the nice things about summer @ the Library is that we often get to see some of our past Pages after they come back from college. A few of them sometimes even get part-time summer positions. Such is the case with Chris who was a Circulation Page and is now working as a Circulation Clerk.

During his first shift at the Desk he watched as this well dressed woman walked into the building. As she proceeded to walk by she waived and announced, “Hello everybody I’m Froot Loop. I’m just passing through!” She continued on for several more paces then abruptly stopped and exclaimed, “OK, I’m leaving now!”

Then she turned, and walked out whence she came.

At this point, Chris totally lost his shit and was like WTF? Don’t be alarmed my boy, it’s just a freak… Welcome to the party. LMAO!

~ by Woeful on June 17, 2009.

5 Responses to “Froot Loop Has Arrived”

  1. NOOOOOO…she’s a Froot Loop, Not a Freak… Come on, I know You KNOW the Difference!

  2. Ha! Actually her name is Froot Loop, and she is a freak, which is a particular subsection of our Irregulars.

  3. Congratulations on the promotion to Chris.

  4. Think I know someone who’s related to Fruit Loop. He is rather oddly dapper, bow tied, and his m.o. is to approach the ref desk and exclaim his intended itinerary while he is in the library. He goes off and next sound you hear is him barking at someone in his way..

    On second thought, Fruit Loop sounds a lot more fun.

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