Some Things Are Still The Same…


I found a trail of beer cans outside the staff entrance when I arrived today.


~ by Woeful on June 15, 2009.

9 Responses to “Some Things Are Still The Same…”

  1. What, no used condoms? What’s a library without used condoms? Or used needles?

  2. Which can only lead me to conclude that someone on staff has lousy taste in their choice of beer brand…;-)

  3. LMAO!

  4. I visited a friend’s library once. I knew I wasn’t back home when I noticed the discarded cans of smoked oysters by the front door.

  5. Well it wasn’t me…I much prefer Patron Reposado!

  6. I am SO sorry!!!!! If it makes you feel better I have been RSSing your blog for a very long time AND I tell everyone about how funny you are.

  7. No worries Kathy. Thanks for reading! 😉

  8. Woe, you are supposed to throw those cans on the roof on your way in not leave them behind like a Hansel & Gretel trail. Sheesh.

  9. Someone’s got crappy taste in beer. Or they’re broke.

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