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Several of my regular readers have expressed concern over the diminishing frequency of my posts over the last few months. Sadly, as our economy has tanked so has a lot of the humor that I was able to glean from our patron’s antics. Business @ the Library is BOOMING! We are so busy that I haven’t had any time to study people’s behavior or even think about anything beyond the next unemployed sap standing before me who needs help formatting a resume or in using a computer at all because the person is totally computer illiterate. Simply put, the Library hasn’t been a zany place lately folks. Instead it has been a resume and job application mill filled with devastated people who are desperately seeking jobs so they don’t lose their homes. Subsequently, I find little humor in what I do these days, and am Woeful for totally different reasons.

Case in point, I was providing computer instruction to a woman last week and the topic of conversation turned to the economy. This is nothing new as the topic of nearly every conversation these days inevitably turns to the economy. She started to say something and cut herself off. She said that she probably shouldn’t tell me about an incident that recently happened at her office. She though about it for a moment and continued, she told me that her company attorney was recently let go and that his reaction was to set his office on fire beginning with the stack of legal briefs on top of his desk! I shook my head and told her that it’s just a sign of the times.

So anyway folks, until the economy turns around I’m probably not going to have a whole lot to say around here… Unless you want depressing stories like the one I just mentioned above. Fear not however, things too good to pass up still do happen, just not as frequently as they used to… But when they do they’re real doozies! Economically, things seem to be turning around albeit slowly. With any luck, the Library will be back to its former freakishness is no time.

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~ by Woeful on June 13, 2009.

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  1. It’s like that here too. Probably everywhere. The weird still happens, but it’s totally overshadowed by the sad. I went out to dinner with my mom last night and saw a library regular, who has been the subject of some really funny stories, digging in the dumpster behind the restaurant. 😦

  2. I have high hopes for the very near future…

  3. You could always do a “Dear Woeful” thing for awhile. Give advice Dear Abby style for fellow library workers. I can even start off!

    “Dear Woeful,

    I’m a library clerk, female, and I have a male patron who will NOT leave me alone. He’s about 50, with three feet of scraggly blond hair, always wears black especially a black baseball cap. He’s been spotted using the library computers to look at porn. He also likes to hang around the desk and try to talk to me about vampires. Especially the Twilight series which I refuse to read. (Went through a vampire obsession in high school. Don’t really want to go back there.)

    I’ve tried the “smile and nod but don’t answer” tactic and the “say you’re busy” one, but he doesn’t take the hint. He now looks for me. If I’m helping someone else he comes and hangs around the desk. Recently he was reading an announcement about a guitar player who’s coming by next month. He knows how to pronounce the guy’s name but was mispronouncing it on purpose just to talk to me. I finally lost it with him and replied rudely that I don’t like guitar music, I like piano music, and walked away.

    He doesn’t want to leave at closing and stands in the doorway trying to talk to me.

    I don’t know what to do, Woeful. It’s not the fact he’s older, in fact I’m attracted to older men. (Heck, at 3 my first crush was Mr. Spock!) It’s the fact he uses the library computers to look at porn and I’m also shallow in the fact I like men with short hair. Plus, being fat I’m not used to men paying attention to me anyway, except to call me names. Finally he gives off that creepy “unstable” vibe.

    What advice do you have, Woeful, to deal with my creepy patron?

    Freaked Out In CA”

    See! It’ll be brilliant. We can write about our problems and you can give us sarcastic but funny answers!

  4. And here I thought you were finally taking a real vacation. Or one of the patrons had snapped and taken you out. I figured it was a 50/50 bet which one.

    I can relate about the economy and the jobless. Only here there aren’t any jobs to apply for because we have the worst unemployment rate in our state. On the plus side we have lots of groups that help the unemployed create resumes and apply for jobs online, so there isn’t as much pressure on the library staff.

    What we are getting lots more of is people using our Internet computers and wireless because they’ve dropped access at their homes to save money. That’s increasing the lines waiting for computers. No one’s patience is increasing though.

  5. Hang in there. Sadly, those stories are all over the place. I recently had to travel back to my home state (long tale). Anyhow, stopped at a gas station to fill up before getting back on the road, and I had to go into the store to pay. On the cash register was some young lady talking to the cashiers, a regular I take it from the way they conversed, and suddenly she was telling how their boss just came in and told them they were laid off that morning. She had gone in to work, and job was gone before she had her coffee.

    Hang in there, you are helping others, and this climate of dog eat dog, that is something. Best.

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