SexyLady Needs a Bone

A while back I blogged about an elderly woman who frequently comes into the Library who has an email address similar to, anyway, this woman paid us a visit recently complaining about how a book she requested about two months ago still has yet to arrive. We looked into it and explained that it’s in constant circulation in every lending institution in the State. She enthusiastically replied in her very loud voice something like, “I don’t doubt it, it’s soft-core porn!”


Then she went on to say that she belongs to an erotic book club and that they have great discussions. She added that the Library should have a soft-core porn section and began rattling off the names of about a dozen authors who write in the genre saying that the section wouldn’t be hard to fill…

[MY EYES!!!]

Anyway, we decided to satiate SexyLady’s desires by purchasing the book.


~ by Woeful on May 17, 2009.

5 Responses to “SexyLady Needs a Bone”

  1. Aww, God bless her. An erotic book club. Love the idea 😉

  2. LOL! We use to have many books in that particular genre, many have been “borrowed” but not returned….we just file them by author in the fiction section. Those who want them, seem to know just exactly where to find them.

    Although, one day an Anne Rice fan, came up to me with “The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty” and said to me….”you need to get rid of this book…No Woman likes that kind of thing!” Needless to say, I stifled my response of “You need to speak for your self”


  3. … oh dear….

  4. love it! We should have a whole wing devoted to the subject.

  5. Ya gotta serve your community!

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