They Creep…


It’s been relatively uneventful lately @ the Library. Sure it has been crazy busy with people seeking employment but aside from the usual baseline nut to normal ratio things have been relatively calm… Except for The Watcher who has been creeping around a bit more as of late, and The Secret Agent who has also been making more cameos (and as always telling us about how much he likes the Library because it’s so “spacious”).

I noticed this yesterday when I was helping someone at the Reference Desk and glanced over my shoulder to see The Watcher crouched down like Gollum and grinning at me…



~ by Woeful on April 22, 2009.

3 Responses to “They Creep…”

  1. Eeeewwwwwww

  2. Exactly. I glanced back because I had that creepy “I’m being watched” feeling and there he was not 12′ away with an open encyclopedia in his hands all smiling at me. I slowly turned back around thinking,”OooooKay then…” He always has an encyclopedia, or a dictionary open. I think he just uses them as a props while he’s watching people through the stacks so people don’t think he has been watching them the whole time. Did I say CREEPY?

  3. People persist in having this fantasy that working in a library is an easy job. Little do they know some of the stresses we experience. Like wondering if the creepier patrons’ ‘conditions’ will escalate and we will be another sad story on the nightly news.

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