From Quiet To Freak Show @ the Speed Of Light

Today was an extremely quiet day @ the Library… Until 3PM. It was a strange day, uncharacteristically slow for a rainy day. As noon came and went I commented to a colleague that there was a weird vibe in the air today, that it was way too quiet and that I expected a crush of people between 3:00 and 5:00 when we close. Although business did indeed begin picking up around 3PM just as I predicted what came with it was totally unexpected.

I noticed a guy with gray hair and an amazing beer gut looking at the tax forms. I noticed the guy because I heard what sounded like Darth Vader breathing. I hear him breathing from the Reference Office which is a good distance away from where the tax forms are kept, yet it sounded like he was in the same room with me. The first thing I thought was that the guy was about to have a heart attack. However, I noticed that the guy was staggering around as he browsed the forms. Now, this guy wasn’t just staggering a little, he was really staggering badly and ultimately fell over at least once. I saw him make a few brilliant last second recoveries that kept him on his feet too.

Needless to say, we received a few complaints about him from other patrons who were concerned so the Library Director called the police. In the few minutes that transpired as we were waiting for the police to arrive I looked up to see the guy standing in the threshold of the Reference Office in the area behind the Reference Desk so I immediately ask if I can help him with anything and he responds, “Iyyythoooobrrrrg, oooorrk!!” or something very close to that then immediately left my field of view.

[blink] Now I’m thinking I have something to blog about…

The police arrived a few minutes later. While they were talking  to the guy I was in the stacks helping a couple of schoolgirls find a biography that they needed, and as I was walking back past them to the Reference Desk I overheard one of the officers say, “So you thought the library was a methadone clinic?”

Let me pause a moment here to let that sink in… Note that this is NOT a new Library service.

A few minutes later one of the officers asked me who’s in charge and I immediatley lead him over to the Director who just happened to be at the Circulation Desk. The officer asked her if she wanted the man banned from the premises or just removed for the day, and that although the man appeared intoxicated he had no smell of alcohol on him whatsoever and that the man indicated that he was not drinking.

The Director indicated that she was concerned about the man harming himself or someone else if he intended to drive away and that she did not think “banning” was necessary since he frequents our fine establishment. Once that decision was made the police called EMS and they came, rubber gloves and all, and took the man away to the hospital.

I was ready to go home and call it a week. The last hour of the day came and went, I went home, ordered a pizza, opened a bottle Spanish wine (with a 92 Wine Spectator rating). Let the weekend begin!


~ by Woeful on April 3, 2009.

7 Responses to “From Quiet To Freak Show @ the Speed Of Light”

  1. Methadone!
    I think I will make your blog required reading for my staff – they freak out over the smallest things here – if they worked in your library, they have a stroke!

  2. Read my “Hall Of Shame.”

  3. Hey! Haven’t been here in a while.. glad to see things are still interesting in your branch. Check out my day yesterday…. the fun never ends!!!!

  4. Well, THAT sounds like an interesting day. Thanks for commenting on Room 107, by the way. Also, last week I told my local librarians that they needed to stop by your blog. (I thought about it because there was some insanity going on while I was there.)

  5. Thanks Michelle! 🙂

  6. I’m still confused as to what, exactly, was wrong with the man. He wasn’t intoxicated, he thought you guys had methadone…..was he high? Was he just plain crazy? I know you can’t really know, but I’m still curious……

  7. LOL! Hi Wolfy. He was definitely intoxicated but sadly we will never know with what.

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