Excuse Me…

I have nothing to say.

Actually, I will have something to write when my coworker tells me about the telephone conversation that he had today with the same woman who needed relationship advice the other day. She called again today and specifically asked for him. Through the entire call I could see him in the office with his hand on his forehead. Apparently he has turned into our very own Dr. Ruth. LOL… Better he than I.


~ by Woeful on March 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “Excuse Me…”

  1. why don’t you open a Kissing Booth and add a Fortune Teller to the library facilities while you’re at it.

    what’s wrong with these people? I just use my library for the books (and because the Dewey Decimal system makes me horny)


  2. Sheesh, I talk to people like this on a daily basis. Let’s just say they’re in the “super needy” category (and I try my damndest to forget once quittin’ time comes round.)

    The Dewey Decimal system gives me a real angsty tension headache.

  3. I’ve yet to come across a library as delightfully twisted as Woeful’s. Location, perhaps?

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