You Will Be Missed


~ by Woeful on March 22, 2009.

4 Responses to “You Will Be Missed”

  1. I still don’t know how I feel about that final episode…I think I just need/want to rewatch the whole damn series…

  2. Iris, sweetie… My partner in BSG goodness, the conclusion was a true thing of beauty. Note: Spoilers ahead so avert your frakkin’ eyes if you don’t want to know right now dammit!


    Still reading huh? You’re a glutton for punishment then…

    Although even I would have liked to have seen Apollo and Starbuck live happily ever after, (if anyone hasn’t figured it out by now I am crazy smitten with blonde tomboy spacegirl) the ending was very “real.” It wasn’t candy coated happiness and stayed true to what the saga has been, life. Making it thorough this often cold, hard, ugly place called life. Quite frankly I was amazed that they were able to wrap up all the loose ends. That said they frayed a few others right at the end. This isn’t a bad thing mind you, but it certainly gives us a lot to think about regarding our own past and future.

    I need to watch the entire thing from beginning to end once the final season is released on DVD… Oh, and don’t forget about the TV movie being released in November dubbed “The Plan” which centers around the Cylon perspective. With that and “Razor” we have a complete picture to frame everything with.

    Anyway, Starbuck, beyond being my angel, is humanities angel. I can live with that… The Cylons having 150,000 years of tech on us, that I’m not too sure about.

  3. It was an outstanding show. I’ll miss it too.

  4. Like the final episode of Star Trek The Nest Generation, “All Good Things” sums it up quite well. I wish the cast and crew nothing but the very best in the years ahead… And the writers… What can I write? You guys ROCK!

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