I Feel So Dirty

damn1Ha! Today was a very busy day. In fact all these days are all very busy days with the economic catastrophe at hand and we are absolutely BOOMING!  Anyway, today I was doing like a dozen things at once helping this 70ish guy with a publication that he needed in order to do his taxes and checking in ILLs. Anyway, I was so busy I didn’t realize that the heaping mound of ILLs I had in front of me was a mix of what some peopstoryle might define as risque. The guy jokingly stopped mid-sentence to say, “I see that you’re taking your time putting that away!” I laughed and played along by agreeing once I saw what laid before me: I had two stack of items, books, and media and the two top items were the, “Damn Yankees” sound recording, an a book entitled, The Story The Soldiers Wouldn’t Tell. LMAO, it was just how the day panned out, a short while later I notice that I had a copy of the movie “Pajama Game” and got a big kick out if it all.


~ by Woeful on March 12, 2009.

7 Responses to “I Feel So Dirty”

  1. I want that corset!

  2. Actually, as I recall, it was a one piece thing and the string around the neck makes it a bit…less than risque or even sexy for that matter.

  3. Yeah but you gotta love Gwen Verdon’s legs…!

  4. That’s the staff dress code in some libraries over here.

  5. My Favourite Martian was in Damn Yankees? That’s messed up.

  6. My favorite Martian aside, Gwen really wasn’t all that bad…

  7. Nice gams!

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