Funner & Funner

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any search terms here so I thought I’d entertain you by posting a few highlights from the last week. So without further ado, and in reverse chronological order, here it goes:

woeful librarian – You found me. I hope you enjoyed your visit

the dude – I abide

katee sackhoff – Blonde tomboy spacegirl awaits 😉

homeless porn – I prefer porn that has a home

should bounty hunters have partners – domestic or otherwise?

stink panty – LOL!

debbie gibson playboy – Ahh, an old favorite

kooky stuff about scientology philosophy – Is there any other kind?

creepy stalkers at the library – Sadly, yes.

suicidegirls ala – [sigh]

like a monkey on a cupcake – This cracks me up every time

“@ the library” – Note the quotes, probably  a librarian. Greetings & Felicitations!

ferris bueller’s day off ed rooney – Or L. Ron Hubbard?

nextgen librarian porn – How modern

stupid library patrons – Some days we practically drown in them

bettie page – RIP

hot librarian – Thank you

clowns to the left of me jokers to the r – Yes

“bizarre breasts” – Wow

my stalker – Must we go there?

librarian bacardi advertisement – My favorite!

vagrant porn – This is for you Tom

bar, library, book – Now you’re talking

libraries essential closings recessions – More than ever…

jersey city weed – Nice

Those are just the highlights… Oh and before I forget, a patron found a blood-stained sanitary napkin on the floor in the Women’s Room today just before closing. Always a great way to kick-off the weekend!


~ by Woeful on February 27, 2009.

8 Responses to “Funner & Funner”

  1. I wonder why they didn’t go straight to the website

  2. How do you even figure out what terms people use to find you?

  3. Ah
    Regarding last line –
    Must have been a signal that the condom didn’t fail.
    Sorry, can you believe I am a Mom and a librarian?

  4. “suicidegirls ala ” You mean A.L.A.? Then it would be those sad eyed, “I dunno” librarians.

  5. Oh…I’m going to post this on my blog…. I usually only post about the planet, ecology, environment, saving animals…. but as of late, I post Librarian’s stuff…I want people out there in yahoo-land, to know we are out here (there) and that we are real people. More Real than they can even ever imagine!

  6. Hello Nursemyra. 😉

    Jami: There are some amazing statistical reporting tools associated with the various blogging platforms. There are also additional ones like StatCounter that bloggers can add to get even more detailed information. I know how many people hit this blog any given day, what page referred them (if any), the search terms used to get here, and what links people clicked on once they got here (among many other things).

    Welcome Elisse… Thanks for reading!

    Thanks for stopping by Auntie Nanuuq! I think they were looking for this post.

  7. “like a monkey on a cupcake!”
    Love it!

  8. Suicide Girls at ALA? Chicago here I come!

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