The Launderer

My colleague took a call the other day from a man interested in the proper way to wash clothing. Initially she thought he had a specific question regarding stain removal, but this was not the case. I dunno, maybe the guy was recently divorced and never cooked, or cleaned, or did any laundry for himself before but this guy had no idea. My colleague was like, I use Wisk and that works pretty well.

This incensed the man who began ranting about how expensive “that stuff” costs and that there has to be a better (read “cheaper”) way to go about washing his things. At this point my colleague asked about the particular stain he was interested in removing and the man replied, “I have bags of this stuff!” He then said, “How about Lysol? Can’t I just use that on my laundry?”

My Colleague blinked a few times and told the dumbass that that wasn’t going to cut it. She gave him a few other options and he ended the call after she suggested the he buy detergents on some kind of discount…


~ by Woeful on February 22, 2009.

10 Responses to “The Launderer”

  1. why don’t you install washing machines at the library?


  2. Oh your companion was so right. Lysol is not the way to go but Glade, now Glade really works out and depending on fragrance preference he could be mountain fresh too.

  3. Now that I think about it, Lysol would probably cost more than any detergent would. Anyway, the guy seemed satisfied with being directed to a discount store.

  4. I have a theory. I think this was someone who is in acting school and was honing his improvisational skills. It happens more often than you think!

  5. Brilliant observation UB. I wonder if it was Ricardo…..

  6. It’s like the person who has called us 3 times and asked how to make spaghetti sauce…When she asked me how I do it, I told her I either go to my mom’s house (she makes it fresh) or I buy a jar of “Classico”. She actually called me back to ask, if the Classico was really that good & where she could get it!

  7. I want to say that dry cleaners will also do basic laundering. I’d like to see the rates on that and then compare how much that costs to a bottle of detergent. >_<

  8. It’s weird that I still get (every so often) questions about stain removal, but never about how to do laundry. This dumbass obviously has had the ‘ex-wifey’ do it for him or he’s led a rather sheltered life, or both.

  9. He must’ve gotten married before leaving his parents’ home and no doubt his mom didn’t make him do any “womanly” chores. I just hope he can cook or he’s going to spend a lot of money in fast food places.

    I know how to do laundry, but I do need to learn how to iron.

  10. lol – I’ve been doing laundry for forever, but still don’t know how to iron.

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