I Never Signed Up For This

Tonight a middle-aged guy needed help rebooting his machine because it froze. PCs freeze all day long so this is no big deal in and of itself, however as I’m waiting for the machine to reboot I notice that the machine froze while displaying search results for “Adult Entertainment Clubs” in the Miami area. He wasn’t actually viewing porn or anything that would raise the “prurient interest” during his stay…

Anyway, I restart the guy’s computer and went back to tend to other business at the Reference Desk and after a few minutes the guy made a call on his cell phone to one of his buddies and from what I could gather he was putting together a smut filled vacation for himself and a few friends. He told the guy, “I’m @ the Library right now doing research.”

As librarians we help many people every day fulfill their various informational needs… While in library school, I never imagined that someday I would be helping some middle-aged guys find lodging and “entertainment” such as this… A pornocation! They want to be in the heart of it all in order to have access to the fake boobies and, from the sound of it, any “dancers” with loose enough morals to spend fractional hours in their room(s).

I need a vacation.

~ by Woeful on February 12, 2009.

8 Responses to “I Never Signed Up For This”

  1. I’m in Miami all the time. But I avoid all the “adult entertainment clubs” after the problems I got into with the local Russian mobsters, so I can’t help your guy with a list. Besides, it’s really hard to type this without my thumbs.

  2. Pornocation?


  3. These guys are all about the amenities of Porno World not Disney World… If Westworld was real these guys would be regulars.

  4. Wait… Westworld is not real? Next you’ll be telling me Yul Brynner is dead

  5. Maybe they’re guys from some sort of temperance union, going about and setting the boobies free?

    You weren’t helping with a vagation, you were providing material support for a radical feminist act of terrorism!

    Isn’t that better?

  6. hmmm..sadly, by middle aged i’m guessing that you meant our age. UGH! i’m guessing the next site that this loser went in was eharmony. 😦

  7. Nah, this guy was 50ish.

  8. ok so he’ll live to be “a hundred” GOOD TIMES LOL

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