“It Was Electric!”

Today Space Ace tried to woo a female staff member by complimenting her on her choice of sweaters, particularly the color of the sweater. He said that the color was the “original.” The original color from the native American berries that were imported from Africa by the slaves. He said that he was having a hard time remembering the name of the berries then after a fashion exclaimed, “Elderberries!”

He went on to say that the slaves taught him how to make Elderberry wine, and that through experimentation he made it even better by adding some “artificial” sweetener to it. When he was done working his magic on this concoction he said the final product amazing, that “It was electric!!”



~ by Woeful on February 5, 2009.

3 Responses to ““It Was Electric!””

  1. pass me some of that electric wine please……

  2. but did it work?? i mean, how can you say no to THAT? 😉

  3. LOL… Actually he said the slaves taught him how to make the wine when he was a “young boy.”

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