What a World

OK, so I’m in the process of removing a trojan from one of our Internet PCs today and from the financial area behind me I hear a homeless  guy who’s watching the stock market coverage on MSNBC say, “What’s oil doing today?” ” to several of his homeless pals. One of them responded, “Exxon/Mobile is down $.22.” This was very disheartening to the homeless… Then a homeless woman exclaimed, “Oooh, look at Bank Of America!” She was absolutely beside herself that Bank of America was tanking… WTF? These people have no homes but apparently hold Exxon Mobil and Bank Of America stock.

Welcome to bizarro world @ the Library.


~ by Woeful on February 4, 2009.

10 Responses to “What a World”

  1. These people have no homes but apparently hold Exxon Mobil and Bank Of America stock.

    Maybe that’s why they’re homeless? 😛

  2. Those weren’t homeless people. They were ex-Bear Sterns analysts.

  3. They probably bought the stock prior to being homeless and who in their right mind would sell stock right now? Just sayin….

  4. LOL! You’d be surprised how much money some of the homeless at our Library have. In fact, we have 1 woman, who gets really irate when people try to help her out w/ a twenty here & there! Very indignant, she becomes and will yell “I don’t need your money, I have enough of my own!” She actually slapped one woman’s arm who insisted on giving her money, after she had declined it.

  5. Trojan, as in condom??

  6. LOL… I prefer Durex Iris. 😉

  7. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thought of condoms when Woeful said “trojan.” I was having visions of him pulling out an unopened condom from the floppy drive. (Course you probably have the flash drive ones by now too.) With a long thin pair of tweezers….

  8. Alas, I too thought it was a condom. That mental image just won’t leave my head now. And that homeless woman could be just like me, who wishes the demise of a company that has done her so badly wrong. Yeah, Bank of America can kiss my…well, you know.

  9. Maybe they are homeless because they owned stock.

  10. Hi Max: Could be… Or maybe they were recently foreclosed on? I don’t know. They might not even own stock, but if they don’t they have one helluva intense interest in the Dow Jones Index. I was rebooting one of our Internet machines yesterday and while the machine was starting up I turned around to see MSNBC on the TV in the financial area and the same woman saw me, smiled, and gave me the thumbs up while saying, “It’s up!”

    At any rate, over the last 15 days things have changed substantially @ the Library. The Freak Factor is running at an all-time high, and we’ve also seen a substantial increase in homeless patrons, and more people who need Internet access to apply for jobs. Normally winter is our slowest time, but the economic crisis is having a profound effect on everything now. According to the news last night currently one person out of every 13 is unemployed… It’s scary and sad, and getting worse. It should also be noted that 1:13 is based on the “official” unemployment numbers (7.6%) that only take into account the people currently receiving unemployment checks. If the number was calculated as it was prior to WWII it would be closer to 17%.

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