I just read a story entitled Gold-Digging Shrews Whine About Banker Mates at Gawker about certain women in New York City. These gals entire existence is based on dating wealthy bankers whether married or not married, it doesn’t matter to them as long as the bankers have money with which to pay them tribute… The more money the better.

This comes right after I read a similar piece in Page Six called, Desperately Seeking Sugar Daddies. The “problem” these days, however, is that there is a deepening recession that was ironically caused by their own excessive lifestyle and the bad decisions made by their objects of desire. Therefore the money they love so much that, until now, has kept them living their vapid existence has dried up. According to the article at Gawker, which links to an article at The New York Times entitled, It’s The Economy Girlfriend a couple of these vacuous wenches have even started a blog called “Dating a Banker Anonymous,” or DABA for short (much like their attention spans).

My heart weeps for these women… Now they might actually have to contribute something meaningful to society instead of just taking up space and depleting all of our resources (time, money, oxygen, you name it).

UPDATE: According to Gawker the DABA doers have secured themselves a book deal. Oy! Gawker is asking readers to submit their suggestions for the title of the book to be. They initially suggested, The Brief, Plunderous Wife of Mister Dow.

UPDATE 2: Gawker has more insight into the life of DABA girl Dawn… Worth the read if you want to vomit.


~ by Woeful on January 28, 2009.

4 Responses to “Shameful”

  1. No sympathy here. Those bimbos are now going to have to work, and they will just clog up the job market. Not that it matters since their lack of “useful” skills means people with real skills will get a job. Then again, with their “skills,” I am sure in time they can latch on to some rich dude (if they have the patience to keep looking that is). And oh look, a book deal. Considering the publishing industry is not doing that well either, this could get interesting. Oh well, yet another sign the economy is bad lol.

  2. I JUST read that article in today’s New York Times! Awful. Charles Bukowski has a great poem about how you should beware a woman if all she’s ever been in life is beautiful.

  3. I love Bukowski… Check out that article that ran in Page Six too.

  4. Bukowski? now you’re talking

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