The Oath Of Office…

And Inaugural Address for me was tainted today by a man looking for a book that he said was entitled “Bud Day.”

I was doing my best to serve the public, but sir I ask you, why do you torture me like this when every other person in the Library is gathered around either a computer monitor or a television to watch the most historic event in America since Neil Armstrong’s small step?


So there I sat alone at the Desk with this man standing before me as I searched our catalog to no avail for Bud Day. In the background I heard eloquence flowing from all around me. Eloquence! The English language as I have not heard since He Who Will Not Be Named took office eight years ago and I am missing it. Even though the man informs me that the book is “probably” entitled Bud Day it is definitely about Bud Day. Well,  I’ve been at this long enough to try an author search… This doesn’t get me anywhere either, so I try it forwards and backwards. Finally I ask the man what Bud Day’s clam to fame is and he says, “He was John McCain’s buddy in the military.” At that moment I felt like clubbing the man over the head with a copy of our Constitution… I am missing history because this one man in all the City is looking for a book, not about the failed presidential candidate but about the failed candidate’s “friend.” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

I clear that from my mind and channel the zen librarian inside me. I have a thought that it might be a new book so I try searching for it at Amazon, yet still nothing. I reluctantly inform the man that I can’t find any reference to a book entitled “Bud Day,” or written by Bud Day (Day Bud, etc…) and I gave the man our telephone number and told him to give us a call if he remembers the name of the book. Nonplussed, he left.

Being persistent in our jobs as Reference Librarians patrons usually give up on us way before we give up on any search. It becomes a challenge even after they leave us to find the nameless blue book that they borrowed three years ago… Anyway, I found it. Sadly the patron had already left the building, and Obama’s speech was halfway over.

… Bud Day.


~ by Woeful on January 20, 2009.

10 Responses to “The Oath Of Office…”

  1. you did the right thing. hey, you can always watch it online later, right? as a library student, i admire your patience! (but it serves him right for being a mofo while the speech was on — i guess he probably doesn’t need the book much anyway!)

  2. Hey, I’m there to work. Being able to see part of it live was a bonus. It was just that EVERYONE be they Republican, Democrat, White, Black, Asian, man woman, child, and even the homeless was watching this thing except this one guy.

  3. Yup, me too-there both to serve and catch as much of the inauguration as possible. I handed out scratch paper, answered the phone and other ref desk essentials while keeping an ear cocked to the TV in the Cafe area. Caught most of it, but was surprised at the clear division between those riveted to the scene on the TV screens and those seemingly oblivious individuals who wandered in front of the screens and around the library while history was being made.

  4. Sorry to hear that. I took the day off, and went to the Alamo Drafthouse to watch it with other like-minded people, and even had a champagne toast! 😀 I was a bit upset to hear on the news this morning that the district allowed teachers to show it in their classrooms, BUT the teacher had to tie it to the curriculum. WTF?? It’s HISTORY being made– every teacher should have had it on. The woman sitting next to me at the theatre said she pulled her two kids out of high school, since neither of their schools were showing it. That’s just wrong. But then, this is Texas. 😛 I grew up in the midwest, and remember watching LBJ’s funeral in school. My co-worker was a teacher then, and she said they closed the schools that day.

  5. Thanks for commenting Lemurtx.

  6. Not to worry, I was stuck at the desk too, while many co-workers either watched it in the back or took the day off entirely. P.S. I think every day is “Bud Day” for some of our patrons.

  7. I’m still confused by Aretha Franklin singing about her pussy

  8. “He Who Will Not Be Named took office eight years ago” When did Chris Benoit take office?

  9. LOL… I almost spit the coffee I was drinking out when I read “Chris Benoit” Dave.

  10. that my bag thats what I do

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