More Things You Don’t Want To Find…

@ the Library:


Today a coworker found a half squeezed tube.

~ by Woeful on January 17, 2009.

5 Responses to “More Things You Don’t Want To Find…”

  1. I’d rather find a half squeezed tube of polygrip than one of rectinol

  2. Yeah, or an adult diaper.

  3. Heck, least it’s in a tube. For several weeks right outside the employee entrance I kept finding used condoms. Until I mentioned it to a police officer and they started cruising our parking lot at night.

  4. We’ve actually found used condoms in the stacks.

  5. And with that I’m thankful our library is so small. No sex in the stacks for us. Just in our parking lot after hours.

    The one I work at was built in the 1960s and I’m convinced the architect was smoking pot when he designed it. What about your’s?

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