T-Minus 4 Hours ‘Til Galactica

Frak Yeah!


~ by Woeful on January 16, 2009.

12 Responses to “T-Minus 4 Hours ‘Til Galactica”

  1. Word.


  3. Frakkin’ awesome except for the final Cylon reveal, I was kinda “Meh.” But maybe it’ll lead to more…

    That’s such a great picture of Starbuck. I want to be her. 🙂

  4. Well that was intense. And AWESOME! 🙂

    I’m not convinced that the final Cylon reveal Tiny is referring to is the *real* final reveal–I think there’s more to the whole thing.

  5. makes me wish I’d watched what you’re all talking about.

    firefly, anyone?

  6. I was totally blown away.. TWICE! That has never happened before to me during one episode of anything Lush. Nursemyra, you have to watch Galactica from the beginning. It is so well done I cannot say enough about it.

  7. I watched it again last night between football games and realized that there are actually four revelations that are mind blowers… BSG is one damn good show!

  8. Haven’t been watching BSG for a while – I’ll probably get back to it eventually, but kind of got burned out at about season 3.5.

    As to the Starbuck pic – nice body, but smoking pretty much kills it for me.

  9. The beautiful thing about fiction is that we can pretend that in her universe smoking and drinking are actually good for you!

  10. But I can’t bring myself to pretend that smoking isn’t disgusting. Drinking – not so much a problem (though falling down drunk isn’t a turn-on either)

  11. I must admit that I do smoke an occasional cigar, usually a Cuban cigar while on vacation.

  12. Heh, yeah, but as I just read your blog – your smoking won’t bother me 😀 and…I doubt I’d find your body as appealing as Starbuck’s (no offense)

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