Library MoFo

I should submit this to library mofo but here goes… A coworker told me that a patron wanted to use one of the telephones at the Reference Desk today to make, “local calls and 800 numbers.” Obviously my colleague directed him to the pay phone outside the front door… The man became incensed and remarked, “Every library in the Country allows this!”



~ by Woeful on January 13, 2009.

6 Responses to “Library MoFo”

  1. No kidding…you’d be surprised how many times I have kids come up to me (in this very rich community) and ask to call their mothers. I loan them the 50 cents, and I get it back.

  2. Every library in the COUNTRY? Has Mr. Self-entitled MOFO been to every library in the country? Definitely a good submission for the mofos blog.

  3. I’m not aware of any library that allows this. That said Dances, we do allow kids to call their keepers if need be.

  4. We get the incredulous looks too. It is a business phone and because of abuse in the past we don’t allow people to use our phones. We have a pay phone available and we will call for taxi’s and rides for kids, but we make the call for them and pass the message. I.e. we will make sure you can leave. 🙂

  5. we get that too. though it’s a lot harder to say No to hospital patients than library patrons. but I do my best 🙂

  6. I gotta admit that I used to love seeing the looks on some brat’s face when I refused them the use of the phone at the public ref desk. But then, I guess I’m just an evil librarian with a sadistic streak.

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