I call him “The Jockey” but a coworker calls one of our Irregulars “Napoleon.” He’s a little guy. When he sits at an Internet workstation his legs dangle… It’s hilarious. He really does look quite a bit like Napoleon so I have begun referring to him as Napoleon as well.

What makes it even funnier is that he’s usually online cruising and other dating sites. Anyway, I nearly lost it recently when he returned an ILL that was all about how to meet and date rich women… LOL!

So it seems that the Little Corporal is looking for love, or money, or perhaps whatever he can get.



~ by Woeful on January 6, 2009.

11 Responses to “Napoleon”

  1. …looking for love, or money, or perhaps whatever he can get.

    Who ain’t?

  2. Being Napoleon isn’t easy, especially without all that plundered wealth.

  3. I’ll take the love over the money any day of the week. Well, almost any day. I wonder if the Little Corporal is truthful about his height on the dating profiles he completes?

  4. You should leave the little guy so mood lighting…perhaps a pink bulb for the overhead lamp…lol!

    Happy New Year!

  5. In the summer he rides his bicycle to the library and he wears a chrome helmet. It’s a truly ridiculous sight!

  6. perhaps he’s just doing research for a blog? if you could see some of the books I check out of my library you’d think I was sydney’s biggest weirdo

  7. I wish i had a chrome helmet.

  8. Maybe he wants to be on this site:

  9. When I see the people that look at the personals on our library computers, I find it amazing that my dates weren’t worse during that dark internet-dating period of my life. I’m so glad I am finally married….

  10. Me too Jessica.

  11. Geez, and I thought the guys I keep seeing browsing for mail order Russian brides were sad.

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