What Gives?

First off, true to form December has been a real Library snoozer. December is always our slowest month and this year wasn’t any different. Lately the only thing happening around the Library is that there’s a growing number of Library patrons who can’t resist plugging their crap into any outlet anywhere and stretching their power cords across the room in order to do it. This isn’t even legal and if the Fire Marshal ever came in he would rupture a vessel if he saw it.

Note to patrons: Keep your plugs out of my sockets!

There are plenty of designated outlets all around the building for people to plug in to, so please I beg of you, stop moving the power strips for the TV, or the microform viewers, or the network printers and plugging into them instead. There is a reason that these receptacles are hidden until you molest them.








~ by Woeful on December 30, 2008.

7 Responses to “What Gives?”

  1. I had a patron come to the desk and ask for an extension cord…my first impulse was to tell her that she was a the library, not Home Depot. One lady unplugged the Christmas tree to charge her cellphone. She claimed she didn’t notice the lights go out, but how can you not notice the 20 foot tall tree next to your table go dark?

  2. LOL… Dewey number/diagnosis/prescription: I would have been professionally compelled to find her a good optometrist (or psychiatrist) after that incident.

  3. Amen. Here at old Backwater Rural Branch (BRB) U., the “kiddies” go through all sorts of pirouettes to plug things they are not supposed to: the networked printers, pulling out actual metal plate seals to get to plugs in the floor (i.e. they are sealed for a reason). Anyhow, since we are in the midst of the accreditation craze, we actually take pictures of the miscreants so we can “show” a need to upgrade our spaces. What can I say? Dumbasses all.

  4. Without photos nobody would beliee anything we have to deal with.

    Happy New Year BTW!

  5. Yo just flip the breaker in the panel that will fuck up their power stealing plans

  6. I tell that to my husband all the time… ;-D

  7. Bwahaha… This is not a problem at my library, because we are fresh out of empty outlets! Our computers at the reference desk all run on battery power, because if we plugged them in to the outlets, the entire building would explode.

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