Post Library Patron Antics

I’ve blogged before about patrons being arrested @ the Library, and patrons being taken into custody by bounty hunters @ the Library, and about Virus Guy who is currently doing hard time for a bizarre attempt at armed robbery. Well today my dear readers, I’ve got another good story for you, it’s about an elderly patron who was arrested for letting a Repo Man know that he wasn’t about to allow his car to be taken away.

Being a Repo Man is not an easy job. Repo Men have to put up with a lot of trash talk and threats of violence, and even assault, however, this older dude was serious. The guy refused to get out of the vehicle and he brazenly demonstrated the severity of his conviction by brandishing a firearm. It should be noted that this guy has always been a model Library patron, he was never someone we considered to be “Irregular.”

Anyway, the Repo Man immediately called the fuzz and eventually the police forcibly removed the guy from his (or is it the banks?) vehicle. All of this would be bad enough on its own, however this patron is apparently also a convicted felon (who knew?) and therefore is not allowed to possess a firearm in the first place. So it looks as if we lost another Irregular to the long arm of the law…


~ by Woeful on December 5, 2008.

8 Responses to “Post Library Patron Antics”

  1. Wow waving a gun was such a stupid move.

  2. Hi Max: It was a total over reaction. From what I learned this guy was convicted of fraud years ago while he was a businessman. He got caught committing a white collar crime and that was that.

  3. just as well australians don’t have the right to bear arms – i don’t need any more excitement at the gimcrack than we already have.

    though I think I’d like to hang out at your library for a while

  4. LOL… Come on down Nursemyra!

  5. I have to stop reading your blog. It makes me feel like my own life is SO boring.

  6. Your blog is always a good reminder that my job at the alternative disciplinary school isn’t really all that dramatic after all. 🙂

  7. This is why I keep up to date on the violent and sexual offenders that come to the library that I work at. It’s very useful to help keep an eye on them since I work in the computer lab.

  8. I’m almost finished patronizing my own library. I used to go there on a weekly basis. My kids went. Lately it seems to function more like a homeless shelter for every sweaty, unshaven, smelly bum within 10 miles.

    I feel for you guys. Librarians rawk mightily.

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