Have Printer Will Travel

A disheveled looking business man entered the Library today to use our WiFi. This is a common occurrence, however, this particular guy also brought along a full-size HP laser printer (in the box) that he wheeled in on one of those luggage carriers. He was quiet, did what he needed to do in about an hour’s time, then he packed-up his printer and laptop and left.

… I never saw this before in the Library.


~ by Woeful on December 2, 2008.

6 Responses to “Have Printer Will Travel”

  1. Heh, you should’ve been here in SoCal a few months back. We had a kid whom every day would bring his entire computer (and his guitar) to the library. Apparently his house was recently robbed and he didn’t want to leave it at home.

    I often say we should write a book…. (I know others already have but they don’t have stories like your printer guy, my computer/guitar guy, and my former branch manager finding an abandoned cat locked in a pet carrier behind the dumpster.)

  2. Wait, so he printed to HIS printer? Talk about OCD or germaphobia!

  3. Oh yeah… And it wasn’t a single-serving travel size Tyler Durden kinda’ thing either. This printer was nearly as big as our network printers!

  4. whoa!

  5. Asian countries are deploying Wireless technologies more rapidly then any one else

  6. Thanks for this annecdote. I posted a link and added my 2 cent @ my Library Technicians’ Blog

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