Here’s another found item @ the Library:



~ by Woeful on November 25, 2008.

10 Responses to “Weed”

  1. If the guy was using that as a bookmark, he’s gunna be real bummed. Now he has to start reading A Million Little Pieces from the very start again, poor chump. And this time he’ll know all the jokes already.

  2. Maybe it’s the reflection off the plastic, but it doesn’t look like there’s anything in the bag..?

  3. Hiya: It seems that we have smart enough hop heads around here to use the drugs before the litter!

  4. I was wondering where I dropped that. Can you mail it back to me?

  5. A little Thanksgiving weed sounds pretty good to me.

  6. Listen do not get too excited that is Special Ed’s special special ziplock for air hits o’ calm.

    Jeesh you are so jaded.

  7. Ha ha… I’d like to say Max beat me to it but I’d never have thought of anything that funny…..

  8. 15 bucks little man put that shit in my hand..

  9. I should be worried I know Woe’s more colorful patrons by name I think.

  10. LOL! I Hope you had a good Thanksgiving Max. Right now, I’m watching it snow and trying to decide if I’m going to watch football with friends at the usual bar…

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