OK, so I make my way back to my desk today after a shift at Reference and find a copy of How To Build a Time Machine on top of it with a reserve bookmark. The book also has a yellow Post-It note marked: “For Space Ace.” Needless to say, I let out a really good belly laugh and immediately asked the guys in Tech Services about the book. One of them told me that it wasn’t really on hold for Space Ace but he thought it should be…

Well Done!

~ by Woeful on November 18, 2008.

8 Responses to “Brilliant!”

  1. Wow, this whole Space Ace saga is surreal!

  2. are you going to give it to him?

  3. Not to be a rude, but you spell thought as though… *So sorry* I love your blog by the way… *feels like an ass to be correcting you* Your blog gives me a better idea of what should I be expecting when I am a “woeful” librarian in a couple years. *still studying here* Anyhow, have a good rest of the day with none of the disturbing regulars popping in.

  4. Welcome A_Gates: This is a clear cut case of scotch over proofreading!

  5. Scotch? I though bacardi was your tipple! Or is the ad just for show?

  6. Hello Nursemyra, it’s always good to see you here. Thanks for stopping by. I am a scotch man. If I could afford to drink The Glenlivet every night I would with just a splash of filtered ice water. Sadly, I cannot afford to drink single malt scotch every night so I make do with Johnny Walker Black (not too shabby) when I do drink, which usually depends on how bad my workday has been.

    Tonight I’m drinking a bone dry martini and reading Ian Fleming’s first bond book Casino Royale. The martini really sets the mood. LOL, of course if I don’t eat something soon I’m going to be completely plastered! So, I think it’s about tortellini time.

  7. I match my drinks to my reading material too. Especially when I’m reading Graham Greene or Somerset Maugham

  8. Maybe Space Ace *did* build the time machine, then went back in time and became one of the tech guys, and all along he’s playing this enormous prank on you that involves warping the fabric of reality.

    I know i am.

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