Short Round

short_roundWe have a new community service worker who looks just like the kid from “Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Doom.” I wonder what he’s in for?


~ by Woeful on November 17, 2008.

10 Responses to “Short Round”

  1. illegal cuteness, no doubt. kinda young for “community service”, isn’t he?

  2. Sadly, no. A lot of the teen girls are in for shoplifting, many of the older people are in for DUI… Then there is the occasional assault case.

  3. Can we get a top ten list of crimes committed by those who serve the community at the library?

    Also, does it make you sad at all that offenders are sent to the library as punishment? Are they any help?

  4. I kinda wondered the same as Bashful, are they any help at all? At the library I work at, we had some ‘communiy service’ volunteers and they were all routinely awful.

  5. Our CS workers end up helping the custodial staff. Judging from the way they’re dressed when they arrive, it looks like the exact nature of their duties wasn’t explained to them very well…

  6. My library uses CS workers too, and they run the gamut from teenage shoplifters to middle aged repeat DUIs. Some of them are perfectly normal people who hold down jobs and are very helpful, some of them… not so much.

  7. LMAO… Everyone’s going to love this. Short Round is in for shooting a slingshot at a school bus!

  8. Damn!! I had my money on some sort of sex crime!

  9. More like I wonder what YOU guys are in for…

  10. Did he kill it?

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