We have a new homeless woman milling around the Library. She has been coming in and spending the day for a few weeks now. She looks typically ragged from living off the street, but has, until today, exhibited no unusual behavior…

Near the end of the day we received a complaint from a patron who disliked the fact that this woman stripped down and left her underwear in the middle of the restroom floor.

I guess she didn’t need those anymore?


~ by Woeful on October 22, 2008.

5 Responses to “Underwear”

  1. The big question is, who had to pick them up?

  2. does the library restroom have showers?

  3. It was a bad day for the custodian Max.

    Nursemyra: we don’t have showers although many homeless use the sinks to bathe and shave…

  4. Charles Bukowski wrote several poems and short stories about spending his days in the L.A. County Public Library because he had nowhere else to go. Your drawer-dropping patron could be a budding literary sensation.

  5. well that’s one way of looking at it UB

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