A coworker told me today that Special Ed has taken to shouting out my name even when I’m not around when he needs help. This isn’t all that surprising since Ed doesn’t even turn around anymore to address the staff while he’s doing… Whatever. He just yells someone’s name an expects the staff to snap to. Sadly it seems that I’m his favorite victim.


~ by Woeful on October 21, 2008.

7 Responses to “Ed”

  1. Maybe it is like tourrettes. Maybe he is not even yelling for help he just involuntarily yelps out your name from time to time.

  2. Ed has a few issues but Tourette’s isn’t one of them. Sadly he has no communication skills or manners… Which is common with many of our patrons so at least Ed has an excuse.

  3. Aw – you have a stalker fan. Now you can be just like David Letterman. 😉

  4. I have a similar patron – he’s a sixtysomething grandpa with all the manners and couth of a 4 year old. He logs onto the computer and almost immedietly begins YELLING at whoever’s at the desk to come help him. Doesn’t matter if your on the phone or helping someone else.

  5. That’s Ed, only he’s like 20.

  6. Ahhh to be the fortunate one to the unfortunate few.

  7. oh they all yell my name at the gimcrack. all 126 of ’em

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