So today I go to the gym, work through my routine, then walk into the locker room to witness the hairiest guy I have ever seen standing in front of one of the sinks (and mirror) stark naked brushing his teeth. Now, I’m there because I need to take a leak so I immediately head to a urinal to relieve myself, at which point Sasquatch decides that he has to go too… So, he walked up to the urinal next to me all the while holding the toothbrush in his mouth while he relieved himself. After he finished he went back to the sink and resumed brushing.

That hurt me bad.


~ by Woeful on October 1, 2008.

10 Responses to “Sasquatch”

  1. I…um…ew. Just ew.

  2. Wow…

  3. Eew.



  4. gross…

  5. I cannot fathom why people hang out naked in the looker room while grooming themselves… Very strange.

  6. Maybe you cannot but I think your subconscious is giving you a clue there with “looker room.”

  7. Ha! Is that what I wrote? Yup. You’re absolutely right. I’m about to go to the gym right now… and I’m going to do the best I can to avoid the “looker room” at all cost.

  8. Oooohhh noooo. Beware the hairy man.

  9. haha… good spotting max.

  10. The really nasty thing is that this guy wasn’t like a Greek god or anything, he was just and average a middle-aged version of Mario from Super Mario Brothers. LMAO!! Nasty.

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