An Irregular from days of yore (who smells not of this Earth) paid us a visit today. She is no longer wheelchair bound (never truly was), and has been recently discharged or paroled or whatever from some kind of institution, probably a psychiatric hospital where she was involuntarily committed for the last… Oh, two years or so.

She was writing a legal brief (she actually has a razor sharp legal mind and legend has it was a para-legal before she snapped), about being illegally incarcerated. He time ran out and I explained that one session is all that is allowed per day. She lamented, then commented that the cost of the train wasn’t worth the 60-120 minutes that she was ensured so she would have to conduct her business elsewhere (thank the Maker!).

She turned to leave, then turned back and said, tell everyone that I said, “Hello.” I did and everyone got a huge kick out of it. Folks, it looks like things are getting freaky again in Libraryland!


~ by Woeful on September 27, 2008.

5 Responses to “Wicked”

  1. Wicked, yes. So, the group mentality was able to recognize your lapse in good behavior and what – make you feel silly for being human? I get it, and I doubt if this person (he or she) cared for you much, either. At least that person knew (what time of day it was).

  2. We like her as much as anyone else. Whether you are an unemployed iBanker or homeless you get the same level of service from us (that’s the true beauty of the public library). It’s just that after about ten seconds of trying to help her we would all be on the verge of blowing chunks… Actually physically ill.

    Anyway, The One Who Reeks is certifiably insane thus the “committed” part of the story. She used to get drunk in her wheelchair roll out into the middle of the street and block traffic, among other things… She’s a real charmer.

  3. Where I work there is this one British lady who drives me freaking insane. She makes me so angry, I can’t see straight. She demands to be helped by my one coworker 24/7 and if she isn’t around will ask you a million stupid questions while walking around in her underwear. It is the most awkward thing ever. I have to leave the area now when she is at our store or I’m afraid something may just fall onto her head….

    Just thought I’d share that…had a loooooong day. Jesus christ.

  4. “she walks around in her underwear”….. please tell me you don’t work in a library too

  5. LOL…

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