Economic Angst & Other Things

It was quite an eventful day @ the Library. First, we had an irate woman in the Childrens’ Department. She was outraged that Speedo was apparently reading a dirty-joke website (without images)  and this woman became incensed at a joke that was titled “10 Things To Say To a Naked Woman.” Hilarity did not ensue.

… If this woman only knew how trivial dirty jokes are in the context of what we have to deal with on a daily basis.

So, later in the day I get this phone call from a guy looking for the phone number of a nearby Wal-Mart. I provide the number in 3 seconds flat and he immediately goes off about the economy and Congress and the hundreds of billions of dollars we are going to use to bail out private debt. He makes a point to tell me that if he has trouble paying his VISA, that he is positive that his neighbor would not bail him out. He was a decent guy, a regular guy. I assured him that I totally agreed with everything he had to say. He thanked me and ended the call.

This man’s reaction really illustrates how pissed-off the common man is about the sad state of our Country. Every time I think it can’t get worse it does. The Bill of Rights has been trivialized, habeas corpus is history, we’re fighting a war on two fronts, and we are about to socialize banks (we’ve already socialized the insurance industry with the AIG fiasco) so now we can all kiss capitalism goodbye as well! You see, capitalism is only good when the people who are getting rich can stay that way, otherwise these same folks prefer socialism. It really disgusts me that our first foray into socialism wasn’t to institute universal healthcare, but to bail out our perversely wealthy financial barons. The last gasp of capitalism is for them to bail out their own capitalist asses just as socialism hits the fan… But I digress…

Last on our list was a call my colleague took at the Reference Desk from a person who wanted to donate a DVD. Only it seems that this person was only interested in donating a DVD if he could take (not borrow) one of ours… Um, no… That isn’t how it works.

Stick a fork in me folks, ’cause like America, I’m done.


I know I wrote that I was done, and I was… But it’s almost 3:15AM and I can’t s sleep. I just wanted to add that if we approve this bail-out, and it looks like we will, then we have totally turned our backs on our fundamental principals just to save (some of) our sorry asses. Bush addressed the Nation last night and urged us to support socialization (what a tool), but even his Republican counterparts in both Houses have grave doubts about the plan… As do Democrats. If we go down this route we sacrifice who we are (fundamentally) because we turn our backs on free markets and the Darwinian principal of survival of the fittest.

Who we are as Americans dictates that we let evolution play out. If a business fails, so be it, afterall, that’s business. You can’t win if you don’t play and the biggest risks elicit the biggest rewards. If we socialize (the worst possible things to socialize) then we say to the entire World that capitalism doesn’t work! We are wrong, and have been wrong since the beginning. Are American’s ready to admit this? I’m not sure if I’m ready to admit this. I mean, I believe that the healthcare system should be socialized, but I believe this because I believe that proper medical attention should be a basic service like the Fire Department, and the Police… And the Library. I believe that a civilized nation needs this service to move to the next level and achieve higher things… Healthy people are productive people. But we Americans are a short-sighted lot.

Make no mistake, failure to socialize these failed corporate “masters of the universe” will cause economic pain and suffering for us all. People will loose their jobs, their homes, the economy will stagnate, and the stock market will crash to even lower levels. It will be as ugly as a rat wallowing in a pool of vomit… A deep recession or possibly another depression. But it is who We are, who we are supposed to be. Champions of free markets. If we are too timid to traverse this route then that as they say is that. But do we really want to leave this legacy to our children? That’s the coward’s way out unless We make a conscious decision that the great American experiment (not in Democracy) in capitalism was a failure and that socialism is truly the best way to run a country… Maybe it is? America is an experiment and maybe this part of the experiment has run its course? Democracy is worth fighting and dying for… Is capitalism worth fighting for as well?

It’s a BIG decision, and history has placed this decision in our hands to make. I hope we choose wisely.


~ by Woeful on September 24, 2008.

5 Responses to “Economic Angst & Other Things”

  1. I’ve never been so scared in my entire life. Nuff said.

  2. Normally when I see President Bush on TV I turned. This time I listened. The companies are to blame for this. They got greedy and approved too many loans. The fact that they let it coutinue to get to this point is crazy. The governmet must take some responsibilty for this has well. On the news in Atlanta, there are constanly stories about house foreclosures and its happening around the country. So if we know about it then the President and Congress know about it as well on a higher scale and yet no one stepped in. And know here we are, if we ever get out of the hole, the companoes that put us here should not be able to continue.

  3. I agree with the above post up to a point: I think that (after reading some news analyses) that the government bailout shouldn’t be as large as it should be. Some of the money spent on the bailout (in a well-run world, not like this retarded country of ours) could be spent on health care, or education, or (god forbid): even libraries. (we know that’s not bloody likely). This out-going government is responding to this current crisis exactly as they did with Katrina: incompetency all around. Hopefully the Democrats will challenge this plan but the damage is already done. And a change in government won’t fix it either, in the long run. It’s going to be a rough time for all.

  4. Thanks you all for commenting on this.

  5. Woeful, you are on a roll…I’m with you on a lot of this…socializing companies alarms me…the amount of money is ridiculous…there should definitely be heads flying and investigations into corporate practices…GGAAKK! It is just unbelievable!

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