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~ by Woeful on September 18, 2008.

8 Responses to “Recent Donation”

  1. Oh snootch to the booch! You do have the good sense to add that, right? Man – you now SO need a copy of Chasing Dogma!

  2. I was going to add it until I looked inside it… I wish I could find some pix from the inside to add here.

  3. Oh come now, it’s Kevin Smith. The guy who wrote in Chasing Dogma about Neil Patrick Harris directing pornos and calling it Doogie Nights. Giant poop demons, slackers who spend their work days cursing and talking about the moral ramifictions of possibly killing independant contractors working on the Death Star, comic book drawing lesbians who fall in love with men, kids singing songs from Sweeney Todd, diamond thieves with high tech devices in their powder compacts, a slacker who gets romance advice from Stan Lee, donkey sex shows, and now two good friends who live together making a porno to pay the bills. What could possibly be in Bluntman & Cronic that would keep it from being in the library stacks?

    I just realized how much of a geek I sound like. (Did I mention I also love Star Trek and collect comic books? And yes, men, I am single.)

    Come on, libraries add all sorts of things. We have one with pictures of a naked woman covered in Christmas lights on the cover. And I’m still not sure “novels” by Dan Brown or Winston Groom are good enough for library shelves. But they’re there.

  4. LMAO! That would so get stolen from my library.

  5. Why would anyone donate that!!! If I had a copy, I’d never let it out of my hands, haha! That’s awesome.

  6. PS – Clerks reminds me so much of working in a library, too.

  7. I loved Clerks… I wouldn’t mind having the comic for myself!

  8. I often say that the “dumb questions” part of Clerks is exactly like the kind of people we deal with at work. When I was a page I couldn’t tell you the number of times people standing right in front of the biographies would ask me where the biographies were. Then they were shocked to find out that biographies on Lincoln were under – gasp – Lincoln! “It’s not by author?” “No ma’am/sir, it’s by the person the book’s about.”

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