I Just Wanted To Write…

That yesterday sucked @ the Library.

… That is all.


~ by Woeful on September 10, 2008.

10 Responses to “I Just Wanted To Write…”

  1. Come and work at an investment bank. In this economic climate, every day is just a different degree of sucky.

  2. Oh, I know that from my own meager portfolio. Yesterday was quite a day huh? One of my accounts was down something like $1,200. That’s a one day loss! Of course the Market is bi-polar these days and will probably be up 100 or 200 points today only to tank again tomorrow by the same margin. Oy!

    Actually my day sucked because of meetings and associated whatnot…

  3. Meetings/Associated whatnot – ditto. Major suckage. Especially when your boss is a fucktard.

  4. Fun-filled days huh Bryna.

  5. Hope today is better!

  6. I just have to know one thing . if Yesterday sucked, did it at least have the deceny to swallow?

    *hides before anyone can throw tomatoes or Dan Brown novels at her*

  7. *comfort!*

  8. I feel your pain. My whole weekend has sucked (work and crazy customers) and now I have to get up at 4 am tomorrow. :/ Perhaps it is a full moon? I have yet to check.

  9. ‘She scares the bejeebers out of me too! If I were John McCain I would actually be concerned that she might try to off me to ascend to the Presidency if I didn’t kick the bucket soon enough for her liking… Just like a Shakespearean play.’

    Fuck. Now YOU have scared me lol

  10. Crap. How did this comment end up here?

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