Republicans have an infinite capacity to twist everything and anything to suit their agendas. Case in point: How did the McCain campaign suddenly become an agent of “Change?” How did Sarah Palin, a totally unknown politician with no foreign policy experience whatsoever become the Republican example of the future for a campaign that has been extolling “experience” above all else? Furthermore, how does the pregnant teenage daughter of this unknown, inexperienced politician become a rallying cry for “Family Values” from the Religious Right? Until this very moment, the conservative Christian population has always had a big problem with every aspect of this scenario.

It seems to me that there are two major segments of the Republican base, the Republican elite who are totally self-serving, and those who they prey upon and manipulate through fear soley to further their own agendas. Despite what these self-serving individuals imply about many Democrats, most of us are not trying to take the Right To Bear Arms away, or turn America into an atheist utopia. We just happen to believe that giving the wealthy more money doesn’t translate into more or better jobs for those who are less fortunate. It would be nice if this worked, but like Communism, it doesn’t. Democrats are largely generous, flexible and tolerant people with open minds. Many of them are even… Christian! The Republican leadership however…

The self-serving leadership within the Republican Party is always railing against big government yet George W. Bush has done more to spend money and expand government than any President in the modern era. A recent book, Unequal Democracy delineates how America’s Gross National Product actually grows faster under Democratic Administrations than Republican Administrations. The author analyzed economic statistics from the last several decades and there is clear factual proof of this. The same self-serving scare-mongering leadership revels in a homogeneous America, a white, Christian America and subsequently fails to understand that diversity is our greatest strength. Diversity is what sets America apart and makes us ultra competitive in the Global economy of the 21st Century!

These fear mongers also like to foster foment against the “Intellectual” or “East-Coast elite.” Ironically, some of them, like Mitt Romney, live within this very segment of society themselves. I’m from the Northeast, I’m well educated, I have many well educated friends, coworkers, and acquaintances. I know people who have graduated from Yale, Dartmouth, Columbia, and Cornell, among others, and what strikes me the most about them is that all of them are humble people and none of them are wealthy. They all try the best they can to live harmoniously with others who express varied opinions and beliefs. These people are intelligent caring individuals yet instead of considering the value of their opinions the Republican base always chooses to blindly follow the self-serving people who have scared them into submission. Clearly, it is much wiser to follow intelligent people from diverse backgrounds than it is to follow old white wealthy men who are desperately trying to stay in power, but fear tends to paralyze even the best of us.

My personal animosity toward Sarah Palin comes from her contempt for the free flow of information and for trying to restrict information so that people aren’t allowed to judge for themselves what is truth. Palin has directly assailed what public libraries are fundamentally all about, the freedom to read and view a diverse selection of information comprising a wide-range of topics. According to a recent article that appeared in Time Magazine. When Palin was elected as mayor of the Town of Wasilla, Alaska she immediately conducted a pogrom and purged nearly all of the existing department heads of the municipality. She fired the chief of police for not supporting her, and attempted to fire the library director for refusing to ban books from the collection that didn’t sit well with her personal beliefs. This is totally unacceptable and very telling of what kind of person she is… The very opposite of the change she and the Republican Party want you to believe.

By selecting this person as his running mate John McCain has further polarized a Nation that desperately needs healing and bipartisanship. He has alienated many Democrats who were thinking about voting for him, and insulted many women who were considering voting for him as well. The “Maverick” as sold out yet again (as he did by recently approving the use of torture), by pandering to the Religious Right McCain solidified a relationship with a significant segment of our society that was instrumental in putting Bush’s ass in the Oval Office. Therefore, I implore all Independent voters reading this. Please do not vote for this individual, she represents everything that is cancerous about our society, she is inflexible and intolerant and because of this is extremely dangerous to our future growth as a Nation and to our way of life in the 21st Century and beyond! Because of this polarization it is going to be up to you to decide what direction America takes… Economic and ideologic stagnation, or unprecedent growth beyond our wildest expectations. Please choose wisely.

*Addendum: Since this post has caused such a stir I feel obligated to mention in the post itself (I have already done so in the comments) that Palin never actually banned any books, nor were any specific titles mentioned. What is clear from various new sources such as the Anchorage Daily News, however, is that Palin repeatedly harassed the library director in both private and public forums about the possibility of banning books … After which the director received a letter of termination. Could this be a coincidence? Perhaps, but it’s damn suspicious. In my opinion, there was clear intent on Palin’s part to ban books, and had the library director been amenable to the idea I think it likely that this would have happened.

~ by Woeful on September 4, 2008.

24 Responses to “Dangerous”

  1. If the Dems lose this election, they should be forced to disband and the party that rises from the ashes shouldn’t contain any familiar faces. I wish I could just go to sleep and wake up on November 5th. I can’t stand watching any of this.

    Is that an actual photo or a Photoshop composite photo?

  2. […] can read the whole post here.  The author also has some excellent thoughts on Palin’s nomination as VP candidate […]

  3. According to the Gawker story the image links to it’s Photoshopped. Let me be absolutely clear about something here. I am very liberal, but I believe in the Constitution and The Bill of Rights above all else (except for the 10 Commandments which are really just common sense basic rules for any civilization to function properly). I believe in the Right to Bear Arms, as much as The Right To Free Speech. I don’t believe one can exist without the other and should therefore be treated as sacred. We shouldn’t fuck with the Bill Of Rights! What I don’t like about conservatives in general is their evangelical zeal to push their views on everyone else and their attempts to make these views the law of the land.

    In 30 years time, whites will be the minority in this Country. This is a statistical fact. These people haven’t fully thought out how pushing their religion on others will factor in when they are no longer the majority… How would they like to have multiple Hindu deities pushed on their kids while in school… Or the Indian concept of creation taught instead of the Judaeo-Christian one? I think we already know the answers to these questions but these folks are trying to set very dangerous precedents that will have profound implications for the generations to come.

  4. In general I agree with your assessment of the Republican agenda, and I think Palin is a miserable choice for VP and that she and McCain must absolutely be defeated. That being said, there is absolutely no evidence that Palin attempted to ban books or that she attempted to fire the library director for refusing to do so. She certainly raised the issue with the library director about how she would handle a book banning request (and, frankly, I think that’s not an unreasonable thing for a new mayor to be inquiring about). She attempted to fire the library director because the director supported her opponent in the mayoral race.

    Had Palin gotten a request from someone to ban a book, I think it’s likely she would have supported that, and I suspect her inquiries to the director were an attempt to find out how much of a fight she would have on her hands. Her attempt to fire city officials for not being loyal enough is reprehensible. But it does us no good to make erroneous unsupported claims about the library issue. If we’re sloppy with our facts, and make unsupported charges against our opponents, what exactly differentiates us from the Republican machine?

  5. Hummm… I took the following quote from Time to mean that she gave the Director an ultimatum about pulling books from the collection: “Palin had threatened to fire Baker for not giving ‘full support’ to the mayor.” It comes directly after the author mentions her injection of religion into policy, and banning books in the story. Since the library director refused to comment I’m not sure if we will ever know? Either way, this nicely illustrates how little we know about this person. From what we do know, however, we might as well be putting Ann Coulter up for VP.

  6. A quick reading of the Time article can lead to conflating the two issues. But there are other, fuller reports out there — this, from the Anchorage Daily News ( http://www.adn.com/sarah-palin/story/515512.html ), is the most complete report that I’m aware of, and clearly puts the threat to fire the librarian in the context of her overall purge of potentially disloyal city officials — disloyal because of their support for her opponent. No question that Palin is dangerous — but still no evidence that she tried to ban books or tried to fire the librarian for being unwilling to do so. Do I think that Palin would have supported a constituent who wanted something pulled from the library if the opportunity arose? Certainly. But as far as the evidence goes, it never happened.

  7. Thanks for the link. That makes it less personal for me but now I have a more general sense of foreboding. It reminds me of the boardroom scene in the original Star Wars when Tarkin says, “The last remnants of the old Republic have been swept away.” Creepy!

    I’ll comment more after I read the article…

  8. People don’t ask (multiple times) about things they aren’t seriously contemplating… You seriously think that the letter the library director received about her termination was a mere coincidence coming so soon after Palin’s inquiries about banning books and the director’s refusal to do so? Is Palin really so insecure that she would need to write letters like these as a “test of loyalty?” It’s not like the Town department heads held the power of life or death over her so it seems like a lot of effort for very little reward. Who does stuff like this anyway? I mean, if “Joe” over in accounting doesn’t like you then fuck Joe.

    I don’t know what kind of evidence is required to read between the lines of the story that appeared in the Anchorage Daily News (referred to above)? This isn’t a court of law. This is the court of public opinion. After reading the story my opinion is that Palin fully intended to ban books but the Townspeople rallied around the library director (who was brave enough to take a stand – well done!) and thwarted what would have surely been the beginning of at least the first round of censorship… Which is what I’m actually outraged about. I’m outraged that Palin fully intended to censor information based on her own personal beliefs (based on the information at my disposal I don’t need signed affidavits to form this conclusion). So much for upholding the Constitution. Clearly, the only reason that books weren’t banned in this instance was that the Town rallied around the library director (way to go Wasilla!).

  9. By chance I came across your site seeking bloggers to submit my new book of short stories for review. As I worked my way through the blogroll I read your piece on Palin. As a retired psychotherapist I have concluded long ago that we are a damaged species; we have amidst us life merchants and death merchants. Watching the RNC and seeing young adults and delegates swooning over Palin and McCain, it looked like the Great Awakening in the 19th century. True believers are always with us. No, it was not quite up their with a Nazi rally, but each us is what Goldhagen called, “Hitler’s Willing Executioners.” Palin represents what is shabby and shoddy about our culture, but it is our culture and if we cannot do anything to change it, we can reflect upon it, analyze and consider it. In that is a great deal of change. Palin reminds me of Emerson’s apt quotatiom: “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, statesmen and divines.” At least she fits two categories. She is an adherent of causes and once you have a cause you are conditioned. Her belief system is arthritic and there is no hope for the lady. Is it not peculiar –and perplexing — to realize she is in the wrong and yet she does not see it? Well, my friend, in that is the history of the human race.

  10. It’s been a long time since I read that Emerson quote Mathias. Sometimes I wonder if Lincoln actually did us a favor by keeping the Union intact. We really are two different countries. Thanks for commenting!

  11. I am so incredibly sick of the campaign ads on TV. They’re in every freakin’ commercial break.

    I can’t believe how many people think Palin is so wonderful despite all of the negative stuff coming out about her. Some is unsubstantiated rumor, sure, but there are a lot of disturbing facts out there too. But then I really didn’t think Bush would get re-elected, so perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised. Just scared.

  12. Intelligent stuff. Palin sounds like a total nightmare.
    She’s pro-life and pro-guns which is surely a paradox!

    I hope she’s not related to Michael Palin.

  13. Hiya PL: It’s the hypocritical nature of the beast that’s disgusting me at the moment. How the hell did the McCain camp suddenly become about change, and why do many people suddenly believe this? I just suggested a new ad campaign to the Obama camp based on the definition of the word “crazy,” which is to do something over and over again but expect a different result. Since McCain voted with Bush over 90% of the time, people would have to be crazier that shithouse rats to vote for him and expect “change.”

    Hi Roaf! We are seriously in trouble here if these people are elected…

  14. Dear Reflective Librarian:
    I am still excavating your blogroll. I read your comment and that was delightful. I’d like to give you an offer you can’t refuse, quoting that great capitalist Don Corleone. If you would forward your address to me, I would like to give you an earlier book of mine as a gift. And why not! I do not want a review. It is a sharing. If it provokes you to thought, well, we are on common ground. It is about the Holocaust.

  15. […] am so glad that the Woeful Librarian wrote this post so I didn’t have to. I just couldn’t muster the control when all I wanted to do was […]

  16. I totally agree. I am trying to persuade my mom who is voting for Mccain just cause he is the Republican nominee with no other reason than that. It’s hard trying to change people set in their silly ways.

    But I so agree with you on all points. McCain hasn’t changed a bit. He’s a clone of Bush and just as much of an idiot. And her…don’t even get me started

  17. Oh, sweet Lisa… Try as we might some people can’t be reasoned with. Actually, I just had a run-in with a coworker about the Time article I mentioned. I printed it out and left it in the staff lounge and she had a BIG problem with it as she is pro life and actually pickets abortion clinics and whatnot. I was like, I printed it out because it directly addresses that Palin, at least seemingly, attempted to ban library books and if Obama did that I would have printed that out too… We’re always leaving library related stories there like the woman who was arrested for not paying her fines recently. Sigh…

    Some people have an issue they can’t get past like abortion. Now if I were a Republican I wouldn’t have let her get away with what she did… censoring me. That’s the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats respect the opinions of others while Republicans try to force their beliefs on everyone else.

    I need a drink.

  18. Amen Woe. I’m so with you on this post. And if women choose to vote for Palin just for the fact that she’s a woman herself, we’re seriously screwed.

  19. This link was posted on our librarians’ list. Library blog blasts Palin.

  20. I have nothing to say except: AMEN!

  21. ‘It’s been a long time since I read that Emerson quote Mathias. Sometimes I wonder if Lincoln actually did us a favor by keeping the Union intact. We really are two different countries. Thanks for commenting!’

    Jesus…I’ve been telling people that for awhile…well, around the time Bush was elected. This country is way too big and vast to be ruled by one person. I say we split it into red states/blue states. Blue gets most of the West and parts of the Northeast, Red can have the rest.

    BTW, with the nomination of Palin, McCain lost my vote.

  22. This whole election cycle is FUBAR. Obama is a good man with a clear head and the intelligence to get the job done. He respects what others have to say and what they think. This McCain/Palin unholy matrimony is nothing less than evil. If you’re making more than $250k/yr you would benefit from their election, if not then you’d be wise to go the “progressive” route and vote Obama/Biden. Of course, like my coworker some people have one issue they can’t get past like abortion… Yes, this is a big issue but it isn’t the only issue!

    My Lincoln comment I didn’t make lightly. No Civil War and there very well might be slaves in he South right now so Lincoln was great for them. I hope that time eventually proves Lincoln’s choice the Only choice… In a few decades whites will be the minority in America and that’s going to be interesting to see.

  23. Ha ha, woeful! I live in New Mexico and we whites *are* the minority. It’s just a matter of time before the rest of the country goes the same way, and I doubt it’ll take 30 years.

    I’m voting for Obama. McCain has totally lost it and every time I see Palin I expect her head to spin completely around in circles as she spews green pea soup out of her mouth. ;>D

  24. Hi Lynn, thanks for commenting. I believe that I read that 30 year number somewhere over at the Census Bureau…

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