Too Good To Ignore

Via Hot Chicks with Douchebags:


~ by Woeful on August 29, 2008.

7 Responses to “Too Good To Ignore”

  1. Well, whether she’s hot might be debatable, but she sure fits in with the “douchebags” label. She’s wrong on every major issue, with the possible exception of political corruption – and considering she herself is currently under an ethics investigation, that’s debatable, too – IMO, of course.

  2. If he wins, then, when he dies, she’ll end up as the hottest President of the United States to ever give the command to kill babies in oil-rich but unco-operative countries.

  3. When she was younger she was prety good looking Arkham.

    Gullybogan: NO American, not even Bush gives orders to target babies on purpose. I just wish that the collateral damage would have been avoided all together.

  4. I have not read all this as your font is too small for my ancient eyes but I agree absolutely on the last para. Why would any woman vote for another who does not believe in women making their own choices? Why would anyone sane vote for anyone who belives in creationism?

    PS That’s funny, my website/email got filled in all on their own.

  5. “When she was younger she was prety good looking Arkham.”

    I guess for me, pure evil really tarnishes a woman’s attractiveness.

  6. Hilarious!

  7. Yeah, Creepy and Creepier.

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