Temporary Insanity

Special Ed needed LOTS of attention today. He required help ordering Inter Library Loans. He leaned over the Reference Desk and whispered to me the title of a DVD that he wanted. I can’t remember it exactly but the word G-String was in it. It was “G-String Divas” or something similar … I checked and told him that he was out of luck. He then immediately requested that I order “Dracula 2000” and “Queen of the Damned.” No problem, I ordered them straight away and just then Ed requested that I cancel the order for “Queen of the Damned.”


Ed, why do you torture me so? WHY!?

I expleained to Ed that he would certainly have time to watch both if he really wanted to and wanted him to be absolutely sure that he didn’t want “Queen of the Damned.” He assured me that he didn’t want the DVD so I cancelled the order that I just placed. Then Ed stood there, hovering as a line formed behind him. After a minute or so, I was like “Ed!” “Do you need anything else or what? There are a bunch of people behind you.”

Ed turned around with a look of oblivion on his face and slowly surveyed the small crowd, and then stepped aside allowing the other people to access the Desk. He came back a while later and monopolized another librarians time as well. A coworker characterized many of our dealings with people today as, “temporary insanity.”

~ by Woeful on August 26, 2008.

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